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Itzadragon ~✿~ Galactic Dragonfly

Itzadragon (Itza) is an artistic name and an archetype created, received and channelled by R. Isabel, who is a Chilean-British female, Mystical Philosopher, Inspirational Writer, Poet, Peace Activist, as well as a Visionary Cultural Agent, Activator, Facilitator and Tutor. She was born on an auspicious Equinox day, 21st of September, under a Waxing Gibbous Moon of 88%, in the area of a symmetrical volcano in Chile, one of the most active volcanoes of the Southern Andean Mountains set in the Lake District. She was born a Virgo, as well as an 8 Galactic Dragon, Kin 21, in the Dreamspell Maya Tzolkin and 2 Akbal (Night, Dream) in the Classic Maya Tzolkin. Her birth date falls under the time band of the biannual visual sign of the Mayan Feathered Serpent (Kukulkan) descending the stairs of the main pyramid at Chichen Itza. Her birth date also corresponds to the United Nations International Day of Peace, or World Peace Day, which has been observed annually since the 21st of September of 1982.

Itza was born to an intellectual Chilean family with a radical anti-theist and agnostic ideology. Her father was a parliamentary and politic leader, her mother was a feminist, teacher and anthropologist, both retired nowadays. Therefore, there was no space in her family home for spiritual beliefs, which were considered social manipulations and deceptions. But despite the lack of spirituality within the family, she started having mystical experiences at an early young age, remembering vivid ones as early as five years old. These experiences will continue evolving during the rest of her childhood and teenage years, but she would keep them in secret from her parents.

When she was five years old, her family moved from Chile to live in Argentina, where she did part of her primary education. Then, the family moved briefly to Peru and other Latin American countries, to finally settle in Mexico City for a galactic cycle of eight years. At the age of nine years old, she was taken to Teotihuacan, the Ancient Mesoamerican city, and she climbed for the first time the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, as well as the Temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan), having special memories about this temple and the mysterious multiple heads of the Plumed Serpent alongside the God Storm (19, Cauac, Tlaloc). She also learnt about the Maya Civilisation through her mother who was an anthropologist of INAH, Mexico. As a teenager, she started having conscious unfolding experiences and astral journeys which she also kept secret. On parallel and kind of swimming against her family stream, she also started learning by herself about the Torah, Judaism and Christianity, mainly due to close friendships belonging to Jewish and Christian families. She would pursue this interest studying Theology later on in life.

At the age of 18 years old, Itza left her family home in Mexico City to return to live in Chile by her own and pursue higher education. At the age of 19, she enrolled the University of Chile to study Philosophy, Literature, Spanish Language and Classical Latin for two years. She finally obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Social Communication and Media and also Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, both from the University of Chile and achieved with First-Class Honours (1st, Maximum Distinction) and Upper Second-Class Honours (2:1, with Distinction). She also travelled twice to sacred sites in Bolivia and Peru and did multiple journeys across Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. During these journeys, she enriched her knowledge of Ancient Americas Wisdom. In 1996, she visited the UK for the first time because of having half of her paternal family line settled in Oxford and London. Inspired by the British festival culture, she started a side project as a cultural agent of music and arts in 1997, which she embraced as a way to communicate Spiritual Awakening. This was Earthdance Chile for a Free Tibet, a transformational festival which would last from 1998 till 2008. Because of this, she received a special blessing from His Holiness the Dalai Lama during his visit to Chile in 1999. On the same year, she returned to Britain for the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse in Cornwall and also travelled to France and all the Nordic countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway. She returned to the UK again in 2002 and travelled across Germany. These last journeys inspired her deeply to learn Celtic-Norse Wisdom.  

In 2004, Itza met her English husband in Chile, the author Gar Magusa (Galactic Wizard 34 & 19:19 Crystal Matrix). They met in the same kin day of their combined Galactic Signatures (Kin 55, Electric Eagle) in a place called Río Mágico (Magic River) at the Elqui Valley, the New Age Mecca of Chile. Both of them already had visions and dreams about this meeting, so they fall in Love at first sight. In 2006, they conceived a beautiful daughter who was born to natural birth in the area of the Volcano Villarrica, also a symmetrical volcano set in the Southern Andean Mountains. The galactic couple travelled to Britain in 2008 to properly marry with a Celtic Handfasting Ritual on the 08.08.08 at 8:00 am in a magical waterfall in Wales, which is said to store the Holy Grail in a sacred and secret cave of Merlin. The Handfasting was channelled by their beloved soul sister Dido Martin, who is also the Galactic Twin of Itza. On the same wedding day, a beautiful Crop Circle with an infinite shape of 8 appeared in Wiltshire, England, showing the same number of knots of the total knots of their Celtic wedding rings combined. However, they returned to live in South America for another two years, mainly in the Argentina Patagonia. In between, they organised the Honu Eclipse gathering for the 2010 Total Solar Eclipse in Easter Island, where they also hosted a Stone Circle for a Ritual for the New Earth. After that, they settled in England in 2010 until nowadays. In 2015, they travelled to Mexico and visited Chichen Itza, Tulum and Palenque, a spiritual journey full of “once in a lifetime” synchronicities and magical events. 

All of these cosmopolitan experiences, sacred journeys, motherhood and the co-creations along with her Wizard husband have played an important part within Itza’s mystical profile but the story is much longer… The main aspects are summarised down below.

  • Spiritual Initiations: Spiritual Awakening (age 5), Feathered Serpent (age 9), Astral Journeys (age 11), Higher Self (age 13), Mystic Existentialism (age 19), Jewish Mysticism and Christian Mysticism (age 21), Synchronicity (1996), Dreamspell Maya Tzolkin (1996), Conscious Dance Meditation (1996), Tibetan and Osho Zen Buddhism (1998), Universal Religion (1998), Enneagram (2000), Ayahuasca Rituals (2002), Divine Feminine (2002), Celtic Wisdom (2002), Druid Magic (2004), 19:19 Crystal Matrix (2004), Universal Revelation (2013).
  • Undergraduate Studies: Philosophy, Literature, Spanish Language, Classical Latin (2 years, University of Chile). Jewish Theology, Christian Theology, Koine Greek (3 years, CET, Chile)
  • Graduate Studies: First-Class Honours Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (1st, Maximum Distinction), University of Chile (2000). Upper Second-Class Bachelor of Arts in Social Communication and Media (2:1, with Distinction), University of Chile (1999). 
  • Personal Studies: Theosophy, Ancient Civilisations and Ancient Wisdom for over 20 years, including Celtic Wisdom, Classic Maya, Galactic Maya, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Enneagram, Native American, Ancient Andean Cultures, Vedic Cosmology, Polynesian Cosmology, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer, amongst others. 
  • Transformational Gatherings & Peace Activism: Inspired by the British festival culture, Itza started a side project as a cultural agent of music and arts, which she embraced as a way to communicate Spiritual Awakening. She joined the international organisation, Earthdance Global for Peace, and founded and directed the local festival Earthdance Chile from 1998 to 2008. This was the first proper festival of music and arts in the country, which first edition in 1998 was for a “Free Tibet” and raised considerable charity funds for the Tibetan orphan children exiled in Dharamsala, India. And, in order to present authentic Tibetan culture and awareness, she also brought native Tibetan artists from overseas. Earthdance Chile also turned into the biggest Earthdance celebration worldwide, along with Earthdance Capetown, and contributed substantially to the local Conscious Dance movement. On parallel, she gave a strong emphasis to the holistic contents of the festival creating the Spirit Zone to feature Dreamspell and 13 Moons, Tibetan Buddhism, Osho Zen Buddhism, Native American Wisdom, Hare Krishna, Vedic teachings and practices, amongst others. She always guided the local Prayer for Peace, along with her beloved soul sisters Darshan (Osho Sanyyasine) and Maca Arcoriris (Tibetan Buddhist).
  • Meeting with His Holiness The Dalai Lama: In April of 1999, Itza had the honour to personally meet the Dalai Lama in a private hearing and she also received a blessed kata from him. His Holiness expressed his gratitude for her work with Earthdance initiative, the public support to Tibetan cause and Tibetan culture, as well as featuring native Tibetan artists and raising charity for the orphan children in Dharamsala. He blessed her path and said for her “to continue her mission for Peace”. Later on in life, she would understand the transcendence of this meeting from a Dreamspell perspective. Because His Holiness is the 14th Dalai Lama and he is, precisely, decoded the same number in the Dreamspell, Kin 14, Magnetic White Wizard; which is also Itza’s Wavespell of Life and Purpose as a Galactic Dragon, Kin 21.
  • 1999 Cornwall Total Solar Eclipse Miracle: Itza had the intention to travel from England to Hungary for the Total Solar Eclipse of August 1999, since the weather forecast for Cornwall wasn’t promising at all. She booked her flights to Hungary but during the same night she had a vivid dream vision of being on top of a beautiful cliff, facing the seaside in front, under heavy cloudy skies that started clearing and, suddenly, opened to a Total Solar Eclipse. The clouds acted graciously like theatre curtains. Because of this dream, she decided to stay in Britain for the Eclipse, she lost her flights to Hungary and travelled to the Lizard Point in Cornwall. The morning of the Eclipse happened to be exactly as her dream, misty and heavy cloudy. Then, she joined a group, they were all extremely sad, complaining about the weather and wishing to be on a flight to Hungary instead. But she explained to them her dream vision and the reason why she lost her flights to Hungary. She inspired them to believe in the miracle to come, that the clouds would open like theatre curtains and that the Eclipse would be seen by all of those walking with faith to the seaside. The rest is a legend, the 1999 Eclipse in Cornwall will always be remembered because of the clouds that opened to the Eclipse like theatre curtains. And the Brothers and Sisters that she met during this gathering and while explaining her dream last until today.
  • Osho’s Women Liberation: In 2002, Itza took part of the exclusive Osho Woman’s Liberation International Seminary set in the Andean Mountains. It was facilitated by Conscious Dancer, Amrisha, the favourite dancer of Osho and the only one trained by him to facilitate this program. Itza considers this seminary to have been her Initiation into the Divine Feminine Wisdom, as well as her closest experience to the presence of the Ascended Master Osho. 
  • 19:19 Crystal Matrix Initiation: In 2004, Itza was initiated into the 19:19 Crystal Matrix and Druid Magic by her husband, Gar Magusa, the author and creator of the 19:19. He also initiated her into his 9×9 Matrix which he had named “Merlin’s Chess”. Itza was more receptive to this one and they played their archetypes within a few times. But Itza will fully absorb the 19:19 Wisdom of this Divine Matrix in 2013, fully activated by a deep mystical experience which connected all her spiritual beliefs under the Universal Revelation of the 19:19. Currently, she is translating the 19:19 book into Spanish language and she is also a Certified Facilitator of this Sacred Tool of Oracle and Prophecy, channelling Tutoring and Astrological Readings, as well as Initiations along with her husband within the official seminaries. Learn more about the 19:19 Crystal Matrix.
  • 2010 Easter Island Total Solar Eclipse Miracle: Itza and her husband, Gar Magusa, were moved to organise a “Ritual for the New Earth” within the context of the Honu Eclipse gathering in Easter Island. Gar designed a Stone Circle with the shape of the Eclipse path that also resembled the sacred Honu Polynesian turtle which is in danger of extinction. This was built by the Honu Tribe and the Eclipse aligned, precisely, with this magical Stone Circle. At the same time of the Eclipse, the visionary Drunvalo Melchizedek was channelling another Ritual but in the Polynesian “Heart Island”, a ritual he called the “Birth of New Humankind”. According to Drunvalo, the legend says that three days after his ceremony, the colourful tropical fish, which were disappeared from the Polynesian coasts for over 15 years, magically reappeared! Itza believes that the Honu Ritual in Easter Island deeply contributed to this miracle, because it was done in the tetrahedral island of mystery, fully aligned with the Eclipse and because it invoked the sacred Polynesian turtle which was fully represented in the Stone Circle. Thus, this powerful Geomantic Practice on synch with the one done by Drunvalo certainly channelled a miraculous sign from Mother Earth and contributed to the Birth of the New Earth and the New Humankind.
  • Invoking the Divine Feminine Prayer: In July 2013, Itza conceived this Prayer and Sonic Journey to facilitate healing and connection with Mother Earth in the context of the Magikana gathering in Wales, UK. This pledge was inspired by an anonymous prayer of the Earth Guardian Mothers, but she found it to be exclusive, meant to be done by women only, and that its poetry didn’t include the masculine at all. So Itza edited the prayer and adapted it, poetically, into the “Invoking the Divine Feminine”, a Meditation to reconnect with Mother Earth Dragon, which was finally done by a special group of men and women at the Magikana gathering on the 22nd of July 2013 in the Cambrian Mountains of Wales. The date corresponds, precisely, to Day 361 in the 19 Matrix Solar Year, the moment where the two Tetrahedrons of the 19:19 (Masculine and Feminine) complete the sequence of Crystal Merkaba Activation. Heaven on Earth. The “Invoking the Divine Feminine” has been quite successful on Soundcloud it has blessed many. You can find it here, including the Invocation Prayer Affirmation in the description:

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