The Telektonon Trinity : Part 6D, Transmission 1, A Message from the Apex

The Telektonon Trinity : Part 6D, Transmission 1, A Message from the Apex

“The Twin Crystal Archetypes of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix were hidden behind the Twin Masks, of the Twin Tombs, of the Twin Pyramid Hologram Ascensions of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Archetypes of the Galactic Maya. Now the masks have been removed, their mysteries are coming to the surface and awakening magic in the hearts of the people who have become enchanted by the tales they are hearing in the winds. You just have to tune into the script they are transmitting.” ❤


Alpha~Omega of the Dreamtime Telektonon

DS Kins 163-164 / LC Kins 117-118

Day 260 of the 28th Dreamtime Telektonon Unit

The Realtime-Dreamtime Telektonon Prophecy is a 6th Dimensional transmission beamed from the Apex of Pakals Temple of Inscriptions. It is a message from the Trinity to inform observers, that the merging of the matrices has been fulfilled. Evidence of this sacred process can be found etched throughout the Realtime. The Palenque Dynasty went to great lengths to leave us their truth embedding a prophetic codex deep in Stone and Structure. The purpose of their mythic, megalithic project is becoming clearer. From their Time is Art masterpiece, we have extracted, decoded and re-constructed the Realtime Storyline to a very high precision. We have identified the main actors in the play. Bit by bit the Ancient~Future Crystal Script of the Galactic Maya has been re-rendered in the Dreamtime. Through this stream, we…

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The Journey Back to Square 1 : Part 6, The OMG Factor

The Journey Back to Square 1 : Part 6, The OMG Factor

OMG! The Dimensional Shift explained and demonstrated in the Ancient Future Matrix OMG33 by


In the last part of this series, we discovered the Twin Pyramid Hologram phenomena of Pakal Votan and Ix Tz’akbu Ajaw. The ascension’s of the masculine and feminine deities of Palenque, formed a prophetic model that clearly guided the life paths of the progenitors of the Dreamspell, Valum Votan and Bolon Ik. With a third dimensional mind, it’s almost intangible that such an intelligent system could program the lives of mortal humans. But we must not forget that we are post-dimensional-shift, with an array of new tools at our disposal in order, to see, and understand such magical systems.


The Pyramid Hologram is the perfection of Space(3D)-Time(4D)-Prophecy(5D)

A cube is a 3 dimensional construct in space. From a visual perspective we observe it as a mere 3D object. Within the Pyramid Hologram, the cube is a single unit of time. Contained within each cube is a Solar Year, which is one complete sequence of the…

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The Journey Back to Square 1 : Part 4 : The Prophetic Numbers

The Journey Back to Square 1 : Part 4 : The Prophetic Numbers


” There is a reason why I was placed on this Earth. The reason is to be found in a tomb, where are inscribed all of the signs of my becoming and all of the signs of my return. If life and death are a mystery, then the EarthsSolar Orbitholdsthekey – All life is a balance – the cosmos an equation of perfect harmony.” Valum Votan CHC

¿¿¿ Earth’s Solar Orbit ???


Solar Earth’s Orbit ~

Lloydine (Bolon Ik ), was Kin 217, Bolon Caban in the Traditional Count. She was born a Double Solar Archetype in the Sacred Tzolkin. The Solar Wind & The Solar Earth. She was genuinely moved to behold her Traditional kin, Bolon Caban / Solar Earth.

Kin 217, is the tube of kin 218, Planetary Mirror, the Dreamspell Kin that the Tomb of Pakal was uncovered nearly 1269 years after the Ascension of…

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Solar-Galactic Synchronization 27:53

Reblogging this brilliant work with latest discoveries by Kin 81 from the Galactic Maya Blog: An unseen approach to the Cube Matrices 21×21, 19×19 and 33×33 and how King Pakal entered the 19 Matrix Pyramid Hologram from BMU 81 of the Synchronotron 21×21. Go to original post >

The Prophecy of the Pyramid and the Cube Part 5 : GM1089

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This is a quick blog, I will return and re-edit it at some point. I feel to release now in order to keep the blog synchronised with the unfolding of the events. To “milestone” these important days.

Kin 211, Electric Monkey, LC k165, Solar Serpent.  

19:19 Crystal Matrix v19.17, Day 359 of the Solar Year.

Today is a amazing day. Another day like New Earth Synchronisation. Today, we are on the 1089th day since Galactic Synchronisation, July 26th, 2013. Galactic Synchronisation marked the moment when the Pyramid Hologram of 1330 years was fully constructed. It was the centre point of the Dreamspell. The omegar point of the 16 year “riddle of the stone” of the Telektonon.

1089 days since Galactic Synchronisation is special, because 1089 is the number of days it takes to journey the OMG33 Matrix. The OMG33 is a matrix of 33 x 33 units = 1089 days. 1089 is almost exactly 3 solar years…

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The Prophecy of The Pyramid and The Cube Part 4 : The Infra-cube

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The plot thickens. K138 White Galactic Mirror.  v16.1

If you arriving here for the first time and are interested in this series I suggest you to read the first 3 parts to get a good understanding of the numbers and sequences involved in this study.

Part 1 : The Pyramid

Part 2 : The Tube

Part 3 : The Cube

Welcome to another instalment of the The Prophecy of the Pyramid and the Cube, the series I originally released back in 2014 as I discovered the Pyramid Hologram of Pakal.

The Pyramid Hologram of Pakal is a telepathic stream embed within a 9 levelled pyramid of cubes constructed over the time between Pakals Ascension in the year 683, and Galactic Synchronization in 2013. It models the ascension process of Votan, the “twin” archetypal stream of Pakal and Valum Votan.

In the last chapter of this series The Cube, we saw…

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