Itzadragon~✿~ Galactic Dragonfly

Mystical Philosopher ~ Visionary Sonic Channeller ~ Peace Activist ~ Artist ~ Poet ~ Writer ~ Journalist ~ Singer ~ Music Curator ~ Music Producer ~  Publisher ~ Organiser ~ Galactivator. Time is Art ((( ♥ ))) Life is Art

Visionary Art by David Cody Evans

  • About: Meaning and Purpose of Itzadragon~✿~Galactic Dragonfly.
  • Ancient Future Galactivations: Visionary facilitations created by Itzadragon to Activate Ancient Memory and Higher Dimensional Consciousness (Future Self). A tapestry of sacred tools and practices that can certainly assist you in the Path of Remembering of who you truly are within Multiple Dimensional Levels; unveiling new layers of Divine Information about your transcendental purpose within this Lifetime.
  • Visionary Sonic Journeys: Free streaming of Sonic Offerings (music sets) for Meditation, Yoga and Ecstatic Dance to facilitate Peace, Healing, Meditation, Catharsis, Liberation. All Curated & Mixed by Itzadragon.
  • Artistic Biography: Musical roles as Sonic Channeller, Music Curator, Singer, Instrumentalist, Music Producer, Music Publisher and Organiser of visionary gatherings of Music and Arts.
  • Mystic Profile: Part of Itzadragon’s biography as Mystical Philosopher, Inspirational Writer, Poet, Peace Activist, Cultural Agent, Activator, Facilitator and Tutor.
  • Honours & Awards: Recognitions of her professional career, artistic activities and cultural activism.
  • Contact Form: Welcome to get in touch in English, Español or Portuguese.

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