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Itzadragon ~✿~ Galactic Dragonfly

Itzadragon is a Chilean-British bilingual artist, writer, poet, philosopher, publisher, music curator, music producer, mezzo-soprano singer and DJ facilitator for Meditation and Conscious Dance. She is also known under the aliases of Itza, Dew and Itzabel, standing out as an activist of Global Peace and Conscious Awakening, a mission she has embraced organising multiple transformational gatherings since 1997. Chilean born, raised in Argentina and Mexico, she learnt to play acoustic guitar, flute and started singing classical, folk and pop music during her childhood and early adulthood. She visited Britain for the first time in 1996 because of having half or her paternal family line based in London and Oxford. She also travelled to the UK for the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse at the Lizard Point, Cornwall, and connected with London based Return to the Source (RTTS), Earthdance (HQ), Blue Room, Kundalini, amongst other cultural agents of alternative music and arts.

Itzadragon has had a prominent DJ career since she started playing in 2002 under the alias of Dew, an activity she has defined as “Sonic Channelling”. She has focused on evoking Ancient Memory and Spiritual Consciousness. Her sonic journeys have a unique mystical alchemy of soundscapes connected to the Earth’s memory grids, in harmony with the vibrations of the place and context where she channels the music or with a very defined concept she resonates within. In the music curation of her sets, she essentially seeks Ancient, Spiritual, Ethnic, Emotional and Psychedelic soundscapes; covering music styles such as Ambient, Downtempo, World Fusion and Dub to Midtempo Bass and Progressive Uptempo. Since 2013, she signs as Itzadragon honouring part of her life in Mexico, her passion for Maya Cosmology, as well as her Dreamspell sign Galactic Dragon and, consequently, a deep inspiration in the “Feathered Serpent”, the dragon of the sacred waters at Chichen Itza.

She has performed at Magikana Festival (Wales), Eden Festival (Scotland), Earthdance Wales, Cosmic Edinburgh, Psychometric PicNic (Liverpool) and Alien Resonance (Merseyside) in the UK. She has also played at Voov-Experience (Vuuv) in Germany, epic Celebra Brazil by Etnica Net, S.U.N. Festival in Hungary, Moonflower (Argentina Patagonia), and also at her own festivals and events in Chile (Earthdance, Earthfest, Dreamscape), amongst other underground gatherings for Full Moons and Equinoxes around the world.

On the Music Production side, she has collaborated with Magusa in co-creation and vocals, and she has been working on her own World Fusion and Spiritual Ambient music project, including interpretations and rearrangements of Latin American songs in Spanish language, Native dialects and some adaptations to English language as well. She also has a Downtempo release alongside Ovnimoon, VA Paz (Peace) Vol.2 Compilation (Ovnimoon Records, 2014). Likewise, she has curated all the music for her festivals and events in Chile since 1997, as well as the alternative music of Magikana Festival since 2008; in addition to have curated the alternative music of S.U.N. Festival in Hungary during 2015-2016. Currently, she is also working on music compilations and holistic publications for Magikana Music & Publishing, based in Avebury, UK.

As an organiser and peace activist, she co-founded Dreamvibe alongside DJ Cl.ear in 1997, a pioneer collective bringing the first chill out areas and psytrance nights to the emerging electronic music scene in Santiago, Chile. She also started the South Cone’s transformational festival culture, founding Earthdance Chile for a Free Tibet in 1998, which turned into the biggest Earthdance event worldwide alongside Earthdance Cape Town. For the same reason, she received a public recognition by His Holiness The Dalai Lama during his visit to Chile in 1999. She also connected the first participation of Earthdance Sao Paulo (Brazil), Earthdance Buenos Aires & Cordoba (Argentina) and Earthdance Cuzco (Peru). She was also contributor for Psytraveller Media and Mushroom Media, both from Germany. Since 2005, together with Magusa (Magikana & Alien Resonance, UK), she co-produced legendary festivals in Chile and Polynesia: Dreamscape (Lake District), Earthfest (Andean Mountains) and Honu Eclipse (Easter Island). In 2008, she started co-organising Magikana Festival (Wales, UK) also along with Magusa, as well as Earthdance Wales since 2014.

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