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Sonic Offerings & Sonic Tools by Itzadragon~✿~ 

Itzadragon has been a Visionary Sonic Channeller of Conscious Music for almost 15 years, activating Ancient Memory and Higher Dimensional Consciousness. She is also a professional Music Curator and Music Publisher. You can learn more about her music profile in Itzadragon’s Artistic Biography or you can also Tune In to Itzadragon’s Soundcloud Music Profile.

Ancient Future Music Galactivations © by Itzadragon~✿~

  • Visionary Sonic Journeys: Free streaming of music sets, all Sonic Offerings curated and mixed by Itzadragon. Truly Gifts from Heart to Heart to facilitate Peace, Healing, Awakening, Remembering, Catharsis, Liberation. They can also be the perfect company for your own practices of Mediation, Yoga, Pilates, Dance Meditation, Belly Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Conscious Dance, up to Tribal Dance. Tune In here >
  • Download Visionary Sonic Journeys: If you wish to download and bring these beautiful sonic offerings with you or want to use them to go with your own facilitations, then please check out the Download Options here >
  • Sonic Medicine Integral Tools: Integral Music Therapy Practices created by Itzadragon for specific Healing Purposes, which are composed by a Healing Music Journey and a Prayer Affirmation. At the moment, I am preparing a page to showcase these tools. But here you can tune in to my first one ever done in 2013: Invoking the Divine Feminine. This Sonic Tool is a journey that delivers a profound connection and healing with Mother Earth, medicine to the Feminine aspects of the self and it facilitates the Masculine re-connection with the Divine Feminine aspects within. Please follow the link to stream on Soundcloud and the Prayer Affirmation is included in the description: Invoking the Divine Feminine Practice > 
  • Custom Designed Sonic Offerings: Looking for an exclusive Sonic Journey for your own facilitation? Or for your holistic page, media or videos? Or a custom Sonic Medicine Practice for personal healing and remembering which is crafted just for you? Or simply you just have a playlist of your favourite tunes that you wish to put them into an interrupted smooth journey? Itzadragon can certainly assist you. Please use this form to inquiry and explain the nature of your project. Enquiry Here >
  • Conscious Music Tutoring: Would you like to craft your very own music facilitations but you don’t know where and how to start? I can assist you with Conscious Music Curation, as well as Tutoring of adequate software and hardware and Flow Techniques to mix your very own Conscious Music Facilitations. Enquiry Here >
  • Conscious Music DJ Facilitator: Would you like to book Itzadragon to facilitate an exclusive live music mixing crafted just for your facilitation, retreat, gathering or festival? I am UK based and I also travel, however, I am a busy mamma, writer, researcher and also run multiple projects. But I am always open to connecting and considering special invitations. Definitely up to join the synchronic ones that cross my travelling path. Enquiry Here >
  • Conscious Dance Rituals: Live facilitations workshops of Conscious Dance, Dance Meditation and Ecstatic Dance, mainly in the UK. Please return to this page for more information or Subscribe to Itzadragon’s Blog to get the updates (Enter Your Email Address in the Top Left Column of this page, the one that says: “Enter your email address…”).

Made with Love ((( ♥ ))) With Gratitude for the Love

Anam Cara – In Lak’ech – Namaste

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