Ancient Future Galactivations

By Itzadragon~✿~ Visionary Tools and Facilitations with the Integral Seal of the Galactic Dragon

Ancient Future Galactivations by Itzadragon

A visionary set of integrated Sacred Tools of Ancient Future Cosmology, Multidimensional Archetype Decoding and Inspirational Music to assist the Path of Remembering and the activation of Higher Self Consciousness. Unveiling new layers of Ancient Future Revelation for the transcendental Life’s Purpose.

The Ancient Future Galactivations © by Itzadragon are divided into the following three groups of sacred tools and facilitations practices:

  • Ancient Future Music Galactivations: © The Universal Language of Music talks more than a thousand words. Inspirational Music can certainly be the language of remembering who you truly are. It can manifest Universal Revelation by aligning your Ancient Memory with your Future Self, resulting in Higher Dimensional Consciousness. The alchemy of these sonic facilitations is assisted by the living language of angels and dragons, the vibrational frequencies of Earth and the Cosmos. These sonic tools facilitate Peace, Healing, Awakening, Remembering, Catharsis, Liberation. They are perfect for Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Conscious Dance and Ecstatic Dance. Learn More >
  • Ancient Future Multidimensional Archetype Decoding: © A tapestry of Wisdom from different schools of thought of Maya Tzolkin Cosmology, unveiling in Integrity your 4th Dimensional Archetype within the 4th Dimension of Time. The next level is the 19:19 Crystal Archetype Decoding to remember, awaken and model your 5th and 6th Dimensional Self within the higher dimensions of Oracle, Magic and Prophecy. The result is an Integral understanding of your Multidimensional Archetype and the living practice of Higher Self Consciousness. Learn More > 
  • Ancient Future Wisdom Galactivation: © A set of educational programs of Ancient Future Cosmology studies, including tutoring and mentoring through workshops, seminaries and webinars. The focus is on the Universal Revelation received by 19:19 Crystal Matrix and its Ancient Future correlations with Celtic Wisdom, Maya Wisdom, Dreamspell Wisdom, Vedic Cosmology, Enneagram, Sacred Geometry, Jewish Mysticism, Christ Consciousness and Zoroastrianism. Learn More > 

About: Ancient Future Galactivations © by Itzadragon

The Ancient Future is a visionary concept brought to light by the author Munro S. Edmonson in 1982 within the context of his book: The Ancient Future of the Itza: The Book of Chilam Balam of Tizimin. Itzadragon (Itza) has deeply resonated with this book and concept for a long time, which has been part of her 20 years of independent research on Ancient Maya Cosmology. Synchronically, the book came out in 1982, which is the same year for when the United Nations declared the date 21st of September as the International Day of Peace, or World Peace Day, and Itza was also born on a 21st of September. And, as explained in her Mystic Profile, her birth date also falls under the time band of the visual sign of the Mayan Feathered Serpent (Kukulkan) descending the stairs of the main pyramid at Chichen Itza. This incredible Ancient manifestation of the Feathered Serpent reflected in the Future of today is, exactly, what inspired the birth of Itzadragon as an archetype and artistic name. This Ancient Future manifestation also refers to the activation of the Galactic Maya Dragon, which is Itza’s Kin 21 (7+7+7), therefore the “Galactivation” of the Mayan Dragon. And finally, the meaning of her Spanish name translates to Itza in Mayan language. All in all, a once in a lifetime synchronicity to manifest the creation of the Ancient Future Galactivations © by Itzadragon.

Itza is a Sentient Being who has attained a Lifetime of Mystical Illumination and Higher Dimensional Consciousness. She also has an eminent academic background in the roles of Researcher, Lecturer, Social Communicator and Mystical Philosopher, amongst other fields of knowledge within the social and human sciences. The visionary tools and facilitations created by Itzadragon constitute the learning fruits from an enduring sacred path, fruits that have been meticulously weaved into a tapestry of sacred tools to be glossed finished with the input of her scholar qualifications. The result is a unique alchemical set of sacred tools and practices to Activate Ancient Memory and Higher Dimensional Consciousness (Future Self). A subliminal offering of light wisdom for the existentialist questioning of Being. In the practice, these sacred tools can certainly assist you in the Path of Remembering of who you truly are within Multiple Dimensional Levels; unveiling new layers of Divine Information about your transcendental purpose within this Lifetime.

The Ancient Future Galactivations © by Itzadragon can’t be found anywhere else, they are unique pieces of sacred information. They come with the seal of the Galactic Dragon, the seal of Integrity. Certainly, the Integral Dragon is an Archetype that helps to Remember our place in the Hologram of Being, nurturing our Rebirth and assisting our Transformation into the New Human Being we are meant to be. The Integral Dragon invites you to genuinely manifest your full potential capabilities by shifting dimensions and attaining the Power of Being. On this way, we can truly Live a Lifetime of Magic and Miracles and actively be part of the co-creation of our New Earth and the Ancient Future of our Rainbow Children.

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