About Itzadragon~✿~ 

Galactic Dragonfly ~ Ancient Future Galactivator 

Mystical Philosopher ~ Visionary Sonic Channeller ~ Peace Activist ~ Poet ~ Writer ~ Journalist ~ Artist ~ Singer ~ Music Curator ~ Music Producer ~ Publisher ~ Organiser ~ Galactivator ~ Time is Art ((( ♥ ))) Life is Art

Itzadragon is an artistic name and an archetype created, received and channelled by R. Isabel, the author of this web and blog, who is a Chilean-British female and multidisciplinary artist based in the UK. Chilean-born, she lived in Mexico during her childhood and teenage years, and she has a special passion for the Galactic Maya Cosmology. Itzadragon was inspired in the mythical archetype of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza (Ancient Maya city), also known as the Feathered Serpent, whom she also calls the “Mayan Dragon”. She was also born a Galactic Dragon in the Dreamspell Tzolkin (Kin 21) on an Equinox day, 21st of September (International Day of Peace), consequently under the visual sign of the Feathered Serpent descending the stairs of the main pyramid at Chichen Itza.

Visionary Art by David Cody Evans

Itzadragon’s Purpose is to Activate Ancient Memory and Higher Dimensional Consciousness (Future Self) through Inspirational Writings, Visionary Sonic Offerings, Cultural Activism, Facilitations and Tutoring.

More about Itzadragon~✿~ Galactic Dragonfly 

  • Ancient Future Galactivations: Visionary facilitations created by Itzadragon to Activate Ancient Memory and Higher Dimensional Consciousness (Future Self). A tapestry of sacred tools and practices that can certainly assist you in the Path of Remembering within Multiple Dimensional Levels; unveiling new layers of Divine Information about your transcendental purpose within this Lifetime.
  • Visionary Sonic Journeys: Free streaming of Sonic Offerings to facilitate Peace, Healing, Awakening, Remembering, Catharsis, Liberation. All musical journeys Curated and Mixed by Itzadragon and perfect for Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Conscious Dance and Ecstatic Dance. Tune in the living language of angels and dragons, the vibrational frequencies of Earth and the Cosmos.
  • Artistic Biography: Profile as Sonic Channeller, Music Curator, Singer, Instrumentalist, Music Producer, Music Publisher and Organiser of  transformational gatherings of Music and Arts.
  • Mystic Profile: Part of Itzadragon’s inspirational lifetime of Mystical Illumination, synchronic events and magical moments. Also part of her scholar profile as Mystical Philosopher, Social Communicator, Writer, Researcher, Lecturer, as well as Cultural Agent and Peace Activist.
  • Honours & Awards: Recognitions and honours during her professional career, artistic activities and cultural activism.
  • Contact: Welcome to get in touch in English, Español or Portuguese.

Itzadragon~✿~ Official Channels

Itzadragon~✿~ All Sonic Offerings (Play List)

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Made with Love ((( ♥ ))) With Gratitude for the Love

Anam Cara ~ In Lak’ech ~ Namaste


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