Tortuga 13:20

Unify in order to Purify. Attracting Flow. Power of Universal Water.

13-days from 18 until 30 December 2017. Entering the Green Castle of Enchantment. The Moon Genesis.

Based on the original work “Dreamspell”, designed and presented by José and Lloydine Argüelles ( Valum Votan & Bolon Ik, 1990-1991).

The Red Moon Wavespell relates to the Sacred Feminine (Flow, Universal Water, Purification, Womb, Blood). It is also the mystical Wavespell of Prophecy within the Galactic Maya Cosmology (Harmonic 55, Kin 217, Kin 218, Kin 219, Kin 220).


  • Kin 211. A “Clear Sign” and Kin of Valum Votan when he married Bolon Ik. Kin 211 (twice 11) = 11.11 (Valum Votan) & 11+11 (22 Bolon Ik). Kin 211 coded 11.3 = 11×3 = 33.
  • Kin 212. The Kin of the day for the date 21/12/2017, which is 5 Solar Years since 21 December 2012. It is about Time to fully…

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