“The Twin Crystal Archetypes of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix were hidden behind the Twin Masks, of the Twin Tombs, of the Twin Pyramid Hologram Ascensions of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Archetypes of the Galactic Maya. Now the masks have been removed, their mysteries are coming to the surface and awakening magic in the hearts of the people who have become enchanted by the tales they are hearing in the winds. You just have to tune into the script they are transmitting.” ❤


Alpha~Omega of the Dreamtime Telektonon

DS Kins 163-164 / LC Kins 117-118

Day 260 of the 28th Dreamtime Telektonon Unit

The Realtime-Dreamtime Telektonon Prophecy is a 6th Dimensional transmission beamed from the Apex of Pakals Temple of Inscriptions. It is a message from the Trinity to inform observers, that the merging of the matrices has been fulfilled. Evidence of this sacred process can be found etched throughout the Realtime. The Palenque Dynasty went to great lengths to leave us their truth embedding a prophetic codex deep in Stone and Structure. The purpose of their mythic, megalithic project is becoming clearer. From their Time is Art masterpiece, we have extracted, decoded and re-constructed the Realtime Storyline to a very high precision. We have identified the main actors in the play. Bit by bit the Ancient~Future Crystal Script of the Galactic Maya has been re-rendered in the Dreamtime. Through this stream, we…

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