“When I first discovered I was 9 Kab’an (Solar Earth) on the Traditional count, I was genuinely moved.”—Lloydine Bolon Ik

“As I was co-creator of this production (Dreamspell), I have my own knowledge of how our mutual discovery came about.” —Lloydine Bolon Ik

This inspirational writing raises in honour of Lloydine Bolon Ik, the Galactic Feminine Activator and one of the most relevant female visionaries of the current Awakening Times. Feminine Ascended Master, Earth Guardian Mother, Matriarch of Ancient Maya Wisdom, Dreamspell Mother, Divine Feminine Archetype of the New Creation, Galactic Feminine of the New Time Consciousness. One day, may her name be fully remembered and embedded in gold as it is in Heavens, as one of the most significant activators of what we can call today the Second Creation of Earth. The new opportunity for humankind to redeem the mistakes from the unbalanced past world…

Earth Ascending – I am One with the Earth – Lloydine Bolon Ik Kab’an – Galactic Feminine Dreamspell Mother

I firmly believe there exists a Sacred Trinity of Wisdom Principles which can be perceived through the truly evolutive timeline of humankind. First of them is the appreciation for the ancestors, a second one is the regard of the feminine qualities of humanity and, a third one, it is to keep a constant memory of them both, thereby to avoid the amnesia of involution. Thus, these principles constitute truths beyond the scope of any argument. In fact, they seem to be understood within the so-called Awakening Movement, even within the basic levels of the new human consciousness. As mentioned, the first principle refers to the respect for the elders as the sacred transmitters of Ancient Wisdom, the generations that came before us and paved the way for us to walk the walk today. The second one points to the recognition of the feminine attributes of humankind which have been suppressed along centuries of patriarchal supremacy, producing its worst impact in the destruction of our beautiful Mother Earth. And the third one inspires the continuous remembering of this wisdom, thereby to keeping up awake and away from human regression. Just then, it is truly possible to raise consciousness and become actors in the so necessary mission of co-creating the New Earth.

Sacred Trinity of Wisdom Principles

All of this because history has warned up to the limit, showing devastating planetary lessons regarding the failing to this Sacred Trinity of Consciousness. On one side, the destruction of Ancient Wisdom holders, such as tablets, writings and temples have resulted in manipulations of truth which only keep humans divided by ignorance. In parallel, the lack of integration of the elders’ knowledge has erased precious banks of Ancient Memory. On the other side, the exclusion of the feminine qualities has caused unbalanced patriarchal societies which have rooted love out of humankind, resulting in malicious fruits of ego, insane competition, wars and lack of compassion for all Sentient Beings, including the fragile animal kingdom. Therefore, the failing to these sacred values can be sensed as an unconscious state of blindness, which is certainly the root of all planetary issues. It also constitutes the biggest paradox of “human civilisation”, which we should instead refer as “the anti-human barbarism”.

However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and it looks like a new collective consciousness vibration is raising. Thus, there is hope because human beings seem to be remembering and awakening. It appears to be an evolutive understanding of how important is to keep alive the wisdom of the ancestors, as well as the social integration of the feminine qualities. Precisely, such an evolved vision is essential to balance both, the Sacred Human Merkaba and the Sacred Earth Merkaba. Therefore, this vision is crucial to redeem humankind and save our beautiful blue planet. And well, abundant literature has been written regarding these matters, but it is more important to note that the current state of realisation was actually seeded and activated by visionaries that came before us. Some of them came as prophets, some as cultural leaders, some as invisible light workers but some of them as martyrs who ended up being completely forgotten…

This writing raises in honour and gratitude of one of those visionaries, one who seems to have been apparently forgotten. An Earth Guardian Mother, a Matriarch of Ancient Maya Wisdom, a Sacred Feminine Archetype of the New Creation, a Galactic Feminine of the New Time, a Triple Goddess of Solar Consciousness. Here, my humble contribution to the inspirational story of Bolon Ik, the Galactic Feminine Ascended Master.

Once upon a time, Earth had a Divine Feminine visitor…

Once upon a time, Earth had a Divine Feminine Visitor who came under the earthling name of Lloydine Burris, also known as Bolon Ik. A Solar Goddess who opened activation portals to awake a very special tribe of sentient human beings who became her Rainbow Children. Furthermore, as it will be revealed along this writing, the fruits of her activation on Earth would go beyond the scope of human understanding and would continue reverberating within the crystal hearts that were receptive to her Divine Wisdom. But sadly, the name and legacy of this Ascended Master have been subtly removed from the records of Planetary History to the point that her work has been almost forgotten. Paradoxically, this had happened within some of the organisations related to the same Galactic Family she actually conceived.

Certainly, only a few illuminated humans seem to have achieved recognition as masters and prophets “in their own land”, as the saying goes, and we also know they generally have been male. Yes indeed, the old known His-Story of patriarchal prophets, patriarchal religions and patriarchal spiritual movements that have excluded and ignored the feminine co-creator for centuries of regressive involution. Nevertheless, there will always be precious flesh hearts out there whom can really appreciate to learning more about the Divine Codes of this most inspirational and truly humble Earth Guardian Mother. One day may her name be embedded in gold as it is in Heavens, as one of the most significant activators of what we can call today the Second Creation of Earth, our New Earth.

All of this because Bolon Ik was actually a Multidimensional Goddess who descended to human domains to Seed the New Solar Earth (9 Kab’an) with her Solar Winds (9 Wind) of Transformation

The Visionary Life of Lloydine Bolon Ik: The Galactic Feminine Activator of the New Earth

Lloydine and Jose Arguelles – Bolon Ik and Valum Votan – Galactic Messengers. Photo by Doug Slater.

Lloydine Burris (Bolon Ik) was mainly known as Lloydine Argüelles and she held a Master’s Degree in Modern Dance. She entered the public domain as the twin soul, partner, wife and muse of a master visionary of the awakening of our times, Dr. José Argüelles (Valum Votan). As recorded in the Spirit of Maat’s portal: “In 1983, Lloydine was instrumental with her then-husband, José Argüelles, in forming the Planet Art Network (PAN) in preparation for the Harmonic Convergence Peace Meditation of August 16-17, 1987. While on a two-year retreat on in Hawaii, Lloydine also collaborated with José in creating Dreamspell, The Journey of TimeShip Earth 2013, which has been translated into more than eight languages. From 1989 to 2000, Lloydine, also known as Bolon Ik, devoted herself to assisting José with deciphering the Mayan codes of time and communicating the message of the New Time of Peace based on thirteen perfect months of 28 days, and designed dance ceremonies to help present the Calendar Change. Together, José and Lloydine seeded the message of Calendar Change all over the world.http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/oct4/lloydine.htm

It is evident that together, hand in hand, this mystical couple seeded the planet with a message that would have a profound global impact within the cultural meanings of the Spiritual Awakening, the perception of the New Time and the importance of living in harmony with the Earth’s Natural Cycles and the Sacred Frequencies of the Cosmos. José (Valum Votan) knew he wouldn’t have gone so far in that direction if he wouldn’t have had such a perfect partner as Bolon Ik. This is because “behind every great man there is a great woman”, as the popular saying wisely goes. For the same reasons, Valum would give to Bolon Ik the most touching acknowledgements on his publications, during the time they stayed together seeding the New Earth for perfect 21 years (7+7+7). 

New Time Pilgrims
New Time Pilgrims

On his own words: “The path of love is a broad and magnificent highway. The courage to stay true to love is rare. I have had no choice but to follow the unfolding of my galactic course, but without the unique love that came to me by the name of Lloydine Burris, none of what I have been able to know, communicate or deliver of that Galactic Course would ever have come to light”, Jose Arguelles, The Art Planet Chronicles, The Making of the 5th Ring. This statement of Valum happened to be part of the Afterword of his last published book in 2014. However, he had written it much earlier than that but the Divine Synchronic Order made it be the Omega point of his legacy as an inspirational writer. Nevertheless, for some unknown reasons, these truly inspirational words were not included in the published book but they can be accessed here: Original Author’s After-Words of The Art Planet Chronicles by José Argüelles > 

In the same vein, the Alpha point of the visionary career of José as a Galactic Messenger also happened to be fully inspired by his wife Bolon Ik, as it has been clearly noted by A.W. Kin 081: “Earth Ascending is the first book published by Votan with Bolon Ik as muse, and is the root-text of the New Time. This book was predicated on the idea that the 260-day Tzolkin cycle coordinates the 11-year cycles of the Sun’s polar magnetic reversals through a 16-part sequence. (260 x 16 ≈ 11 years)”. Therefore, it is feasible to maintain that the archetypal alchemy between Valum and Bolon Ik became the original source which set the fundaments of the New Time Prophecy.

In this way, the Divine Love of this galactic couple was indeed multidimensional and beamed out from a magical fairy tale. As long as it lasted, it attracted thousands and thousands of followers of the New Time. In fact, their Dreamspell co-creation caused a worldwide revolution within the New Age movement, a profound impact that the work of other related authors, such as Tony Shearer, didn’t seem to have caused. Assuredly, this was because of the role of Lloydine Bolon Ik, who acted as a global cultural activator, the perfect feminine twin for the modern prophecy. Also, it is well known that the effect of this cultural activism actually set the grounds for the planet to pay attention to their work, otherwise, they would have passed unnoticed. In contrast to Shearer, José and Lloydine co-created a movement, a global Galactic Family and certainly conceived many Rainbow Children. This co-creation can also explain the immediate reverberation of the book of José Argüelles, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology (1987) since the way was already paved through the cultural activism of PAN and the Harmonic Convergence.

Love is the Greatest Truth
Love is the Greatest Truth

But despite the enchantment and awakening revolution that this special couple caused, José would write his last official words for his muse in 2002, just before the tragic separation of their Archetypal Love. Again, this last statement showed a Divine Love out of this world: “First and foremost of my Earthly helpers whom I wish to acknowledge is my wife and faithful companion of twenty-one years, Lloydine Bolon Ik, my constant helper and chief inspiration of All I do. The faith and trust she put in me at times when all we had was blind faith are a touching memorial to a soul who has always believed that Love is the greatest Truth“, José Argüelles, Acknowledgements, Time and the Technosphere, 2002.

No one would have ever expected that after those words and the perfect 21 years of seeding the New Earth, the galactic couple would separate. But the unfortunate event happened and it is well known that after the break the movement decayed dramatically. The same occurred to its cultural activism which diminished substantially and it would never again have the same impact across the transformational movement or within the fields of music and arts. Their phrase “Time is Art” was indeed wounded. And the last published quote of Bolon Ik, “Love is the Greatest Truth”, would stay resonating as question marks within the hearts of their Rainbow Children, like an innocent hope and illusion to see, one day, the reunion of their Mother and Father of the Dreamspell Journey. And the same wise words of Bolon Ik surely summarised her sacred walk as a visionary walker. Because she was indeed the Star of the movement, the Galactivator that made it rippling all over the planet. Whilst José was researching and writing, Lloydine was activating him and promoting his work through organisations, events, music and arts. Bolon Ik was also the co-creator, if not the visionary, behind the idea of the first and largest worldwide synchronised meditation for Peace, which was set in the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. And such an inspirational vision also seeded what we know today as the Earthdance Global Peace Meditations and the Unify Peace Meditations, amongst many others worldwide.

But regardless the separation, their Archetypal Love would stay embedded within the Dreamspell Journey, suspended in an infinite capsule of time. Because Dreamspell would still encode the deepest Revelations of Universal Love and Universal Forgiveness. All of them beaming out from the realm of Valum and his Bolon Ik, floating in eternity within the mysteries of New Time, a sacred place where the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine co-creators of the New Earth simply exist as the master numbers they surely embodied.

Bolon Ik: Dreamspell Mother and Divine Feminine Co-Creator of the Galactic Movement

Lloydine Bolon Ik – The Galactic Feminine Visionary

When humans involute through amnesia, they evidently forget all about their origins, especially about their feminine origins, consequently, they fail to remember the Divine Mother. Some socialites believe that the Dreamspell is an exclusive patriarchal creation of José only and, obviously, they haven’t been taught properly. Essentially, one of the most magical elements of the Dreamspell Journey lays in the fact that it was a co-creation of two Divine Multidimensional Archetypes, Valum and Bolon Ik, Mother and Father of the Planetary Kin, the Dreamspell initiates. And whoever embraces this journey, certainly enters into the realm of their progenitors. Thus, it is a magical world which has its own rules and it doesn’t depend on any institution to exist because it is a Universal Gift, as well defined by both of its creators. So it is wise to notice that one thing is the Dreamspell Journey and another one are all the organisations which were created, in parallel, to turn it a movement. By the way, all of them were also co-founded by the same Divine Archetypes (PAN, Law of Time, Calendar Change Movement, etc).

Thus, the management of any institution related to the legacy of Valum and Bolon Ik doesn’t mean to be entitled to manage the Dreamspell Revelation. For the same reason, the Dreamspell connoisseur simply has to follow its codes which are embedded into the Divine Synchronic Order with the purpose to master the 4th Dimension of Time. In this way, this divine tool certainly delivers infinite magic to the Dreamspell initiate who connects with both Master Archetypes because together they form its realm of magic. And if the seeker only connects with half of the source, then, they surely get a distorted transmission because it is like trying to walk with one leg only. Essentially, the multidimensional codes of the Dreamspell won’t display its infinite layers of revelation without the communion with both of their progenitors. 

Therefore, Dreamspell is a multidimensional domain embedded in the Sacred Tzolkin Count of the Maya, which was brought by the alchemy of a mystical visionary couple, Mother and Father of the Planetary Kin. Valum Votan represents the Divine Masculine and Bolon Ik is, evidently, the Divine Feminine. Both of them injected the magic of their archetypes into the Dreamspell Tzolkin and made vows to the Planetary Children that would come. As co-creators, they also showed to be the Master Numbers, Kin 11 for Valum and Kin 22 for Bolon Ik, both of them encoding the well known 11:11 Awakening Code. Valum by being an 11 Tone of the 11 Tribe (11.11) and Bolon Ik by encoding the same as number 22, which is the result of 11+11. These master numbers add up to 33 (11+22) so they also sit at the centre of the Dreamspell Tzolkin in the Harmonic 33. This number 33 is also a profound mystical number which also encodes infinite correlations and revelations. (More about Mystical Number 33

Likewise, Valum was the mathematical mind behind the Dreamspell, whilst Bolon Ik was the heart, which evidently corresponds to a Divine Feminine co-creator. It is also known that José infused his knowledge of Maya Cosmology but it is important to notice that Lloydine added the Wizardry aspects because, as Kin 22, she was precisely under the wavespell of the Wizard which was her life purpose and definitely part of her codes. And for the ones that know that Lloydine also created the “Prayer to the 7 Galactic Directions”, as an adaptation of a Native American Prayer, then it is feasible to maintain that she must have had a relevant role, if not preponderant, in the creative poetry of the Dreamspell’s affirmations. Finally, it is also recognised that she had a special revelation coming from number 7, something especially reflected in the Telektonon, which was actually the game of prophecy of her realm as Bolon Ik, the Goddess.

One of the many Rituals for the New Time by Valum and Bolon Ik. Photo by Doug Slater.

It can also be said that under the influence of Lloydine as a muse, José let his human feminine qualities to blossom within him, consequently he became more receptive to the Divine Synchronic Order. This is because, as the Ascended Master Osho stated: “The moment the male energy becomes feminine a Buddha is born, a Christ is born.” Surely, José turned into a Galactic Maya Master alongside Lloydine as a muse and he would also write the most transformational works of his life during their time together. Receptivity is also a feminine attribute which they assigned to the Mayan glyph of Ix, the Wizard. For the same reason, whilst being with Bolon Ik, Valum would also write his most inspirational writings regarding the figure of the Great Wizard Merlin, texts which were majestically reflected and summarised within his poem Crystal Earth. In contrast, the work of José without Lloydine turned to be kind of far from Merlin and the wizardry practices. And, as a personal perception, his work also became more mind centred instead of heart centred as it was along with Bolon Ik.

Thus, it is possible to maintain that the Dreamspell was a modern recreation of the Mayan Tzolkin, which was deeply influenced by the feminine attributes of intuition and receptivity, as well as the principles of magic. Essentially, a Dreamspell’s fairy tale by nature. Under this perspective, it is viable to deduce that the Sacred Tzolkin appears to have been revealed as a duality, which can be seen as a Masculine within its Classic Maya form and as a Feminine within its modern Dreamspell version. Thus, a vision of the Dreamspell as the Feminine side of the Tzolkin comes in perfect harmony and timing with the New Earth and the blossoming of the Divine Feminine Revelation. Furthermore, this fact seems to be confirmed by the Earth Wizard Archetype, Pacal Votan (8 Ajaw, Galactic Sun), who enters the Dreamspell’s realm of Valum and Bolon Ik decoded as Galactic Love (8 Galactic Dog, Kin 190).  And this Kin is, precisely, under the wavespell of the Night, the wavespell of the Dream(spell). Then, it is feasible to deduce that the life’s purpose of Pakal in the modern Dreamspell’s realm is, evidently, the affirmation of 1 Night, Kin 183: “I Unify in order to Dream, attracting Intuition”. Therefore, the purpose of unifying both Tzolkin’s dreams, unifying the classic and the modern sacred counts and unifying the Masculine and Feminine aspects of humankind. Then, this intention is fulfilled by “attracting” the well-known feminine attribute of “intuition”, which is the so-called 6th Sense of the Feminine.

In this way, it seems that Pakal knew that, in modern times, it would not only be about a Patriarchal Sun God anymore, as it was in many other ancient civilisations. Therefore, this shows an understanding about the importance of Love, which is obviously the Feminine Balance. He would also embody Galactic Love as his feminine manifestation of Love Integrity inside the Dreamspell’s realm. In this way, the sacred wisdom of the Maya would be reflected in modern times through the Heart/Love of a very special Feminine Archetype, who is also his Muse of Prophecy, the deity of Bolon Ik. Then, humans who act feminine and receptive to this gift would also be entitled to be the new Earth Wizards, which are needed to awaken humanity towards the New Time. The Archetypal Love between Pakal and his Muse of Prophecy, Bolon Ik, would also set the fundaments of the co-creation of the Telektonon, which was also received by Valum and his archetypal twin, Bolon Ik.

Divine Codes of an Earth Guardian Mother and Triple Goddess of Solar Consciousness

The codes of Bolon Ik are Divine beyond dimensions and they certainly contain much more revelation that I am capable of expressing within this mortal human writing. These codes are important to be noted, remembered and not to be forgotten by the Dreamspell initiate. 

The Alpha: Birth Codes of Bolon Ik

Lloydine Bolon Ik was born on the 15th of May of 1943, during the WWII and its devastating Holocaust. She shared generation with cultural agents such as Janis Joplin, Ringo Star and Mick Jagger, amongst others. She was also born in the same year and around half Tzolkin after the passing away of visionary Nicola Tesla.


Date of Birth – 15th of May of 1943

  • Moon Phase: 88% Waxing
  • Long Count Date:
  • 13 Moon Calendar: Moon 11, Day: 14
  • Dreamspell Tzolkin: Kin 22, White Solar Wind, Activation Portal under the wavespell of the Wizard.
  • Classic Tzolkin: 9 Bolon Kab’an (Solar Earth) under the wavespell of the 9 Moon.
  • Birth Code (Dreamspell & Classic): 9 Wind + 9 Kab’an = 5 Storm (Cauac, Kawak), Activation Portal.

9 Wind (2)wind+ 9 Kaban (17) kaban_17 = kawak_19 5 Kawak (19)


  • Awakening Code: Solar Wind, Kin 22 contains 11:11, and she was also born on the 11 Moon of the 13 Moon Calendar. Solar (9) and Wind (2) also encode the Awakening Code, 9+2 = 11
  • Crystal Code & White Stone: Solar(9) Wind (2) also encodes 9×2 = 18, which represent the 18 facets of the Double Terminated Quartz Crystal plus the Centre Self = 19 Crystal Code. The quartz crystal also represents the White Stone of the Warrior of the Telektonon, the Mother of Prophecy. Also, her Birth Code as 5 Storm (19 Kawak) is an Activation Portal which also encodes her connection with the Crystal Code of 19. And 19.5 represents the 5th Dimensional Archetype of the Crystal Code. 
  • Activation Portal of 777: Dreamspell 22 is right after Galactic Dragon, Kin 21, which encodes 7+7+7 and constitutes the Tube of Origin of 22. Therefore, Lloydine was closely related to number 7 (7+7+7+Centre Self = 22)
  • Double Solar (9) Synchronicity: Born on the same Lunar Tone of 9 in the 2 Tzolkin Calendars, 9 Solar Wind in the Dreamspell and 9 Kab’an (Earth) in the Classic Tzolkin. It is known the significance of 9 and the Solar energy in Maya Cosmology and Maya Medicine. Therefore, Bolon Ik embodied the Solar Winds towards the Solar Earth.
  • Tube of Planetary Mirror: 9 Bolon Kab’an (Solar Earth) is equivalent to Kin 217 in the Dreamspell, which is the Tube which births Kin 218, Planetary Mirror, the same Kin of the day that the Tomb of Pakal was uncovered nearly 1266 years after the Ascension of Pakal Votan.
  • Wizard Purpose: Her Dreamspell Purpose/Wavespell is the Wizard (14) which explains her connections with Merlin and Buddhism (The Dalai Lama, Kin 14). Also born on Day 14 of the 11th Dreamspell Moon.
  • Moon Purpose: Her Classic Tzolkin Purpose/Wavespell is Muluk (Moon, Tribe 9) which explains her role as an activator for the Calendar Change. 9 also encodes the Solar attribute.
  • Triple Seal of the Infinite: On her long count date, digits 6, 9 and 6 (6.9.6)
  • Crystal Warrior: Her long count date also encodes 12.16 which can be read as Crystal Warrior. Once again, another confirmation of the White Crystal Stone of the Warrior. 
  • Earth Guardian Mother: Born a 9 Kab’an (Solar Earth) in the Classic Tzolkin on the 17th day of the Long Count (.17 last digits, 17 represents the Earth Tribe )
  • Votan Twin: As explained by Kin 081: “The number 11 of corresponding years connects the couple (Jose/Lloydine) very intimately through their kin numbers (11 & 22), and their tone and tribe numbers (kin 11 = tone 11 tribe 11, and 11 + 11 = 22; kin 22 is Tone 9 Tribe 2, and 9 + 2 =11).

For all these reasons, the codes of Lloydine Bolon Ik are indeed Divine and we can read that she was a truly special Earth Guardian Mother, as well as a Galactic Messenger of the Awakening Code, the Crystal Code, the White Stone of Telektonon, the Activation Portals (x2), the Solar Consciousness (x2) and the Tube which births the Modern Prophecy of Pakal. She also shows to be a Daughter of the Merlin Cast, a Daughter of the Moon Cast and a Triple Sealed by the Infinite, consequently, the Perfect Twin of Votan.

Last Solar Cycle of 71: Seeding New Earth Love

Bolon Ik completed 71 rounds around the Sun on her last 71st anniversary of the 15th of May of 2014.

  • Moon Phase: Waning 99%
  • Long Count:
  • 13 Moon Calendar: Moon 1, Day:14
  • Dreamspell Tzolkin: Lunar Earth, Kin 197, Wavespell of the Warrior.
  • Classic Tzolkin: 7 Ok (Resonant Love/Dog, Kin 150, Activation Portal) under the purpose of 1 Seed, Kin 144.
  • Solar Cycle Combination Code: 2 Earth + 7 Ok/Love = Solar Hand, Kin 87, Wavespell of the Storm (19)

2 Earth (16) earth + 7 Ok (10) ok_10 = manik_079 Manik (7)


  • Earth Love: Long count date encodes digits 1 and 7 (17 Earth) and number 10 (Love/White Dog)
  • Earth Challenge: As a Lunar Earth she embodied the challenge of the Second Creation, the birth of the New Earth.
  • Love Channel: As a 7 Ok (Resonant Love/Dog) she channelled Universal Love, just a Bolon Ik in real life and in the Telektonon. The Dreamspell equivalent is Kin 150, activation portal guided by 1 Seed (Kin 144, encodes the number of the chosen ones who enter the Palace of Bolon Ik)
  • Solar Healing: Her Solar Cycle combination as 9 Solar Hand, the channelling of Solar Healing.
  • Guided by Votan:  As explained by Kin 081: “At 71 years of age Bolon Ik assumed the destiny kin 197, Red Lunar Earth. This demonstrates her telepathic guidance of Votan through the Galactic Density Spiral (Votan’s final codes for the closing of the cycle, revealed in the last year of his life), and is a clue to look at the intervals that define their ascensions as they relate to one another and the closing of the cycle.

The last Solar Cycle of Bolon Ik also blossomed her Divine Codes as an Earth Guardian Mother and the New Earth Mission through Love Channelling. And, all of them, guided by Votan through the Galactic Density Spiral.

Ascension of Bolon Ik: Day 1, Cycle 72, The Second Creation

Lloydine Bolon Ik passed away on the 16th of May 2014, which means that she ascended the day after her 71st birthday, just as entering Day 1 of her 72nd Solar Cycle on Earth.

  • Moon Phase: Full Moon 100%
  • Long Count:
  • 13 Moon Calendar: Moon 11, Day: 15
  • Dreamspell Tzolkin: Kin 198, Electric Mirror, Wavespell of the Warrior
  • Classic Tzolkin: 8 Chuwen (Galactic Monkey, Kin 151, under the Wavespell of the 1 Seed, Kin 144 Seed)


  • Earth Liberation through Love: Long count date encodes digits 1 and 7 (17 Earth) and number 11 (Liberation). And she had just passed to Lunar Earth the day before, so she was meant to challenge the Second Creation, the birth of the New Earth. Also, she had just passed to 7 Ok in the Classic Tzolkin (Resonant Love/Dog), therefore channelling the Perfection of Love (7).
  • Chosen One: Under the wavespell of the 1 Seed (Kin 144, which encodes the number of the chosen ones who enter the Palace of Bolon Ik, the New Jerusalem).
  • Endlessness Planetary Service to the Warrior: The Ascension day is 3 Mirror of Endlessness Service, which is under the wavespell and purpose of the Warrior (Planetary Kin, Dreamspell Children).
  • Votan Connection for the Seeding the New Earth:  The classic Tzolkin of her ascension 8 Chuwen is equivalent to Galactic Monkey, which is the Monkey who plays with Integrity under the wavespell of the 1 Seed which is Kin 144 the Seeding of the New Earth by the chosen ones who enter the Palace of Bolon Ik, the New Jerusalem)

Therefore, the Divine Codes of the Ascension Day of Bolon Ik show Earth Liberation through Love, Endless Planetary Service to the Warrior and connection to Votan Galactic Family for the Seeding of the New Earth.

The Omega: Final Ascension Codes of Bolon Ik

The final Ascension Codes are obtained by combining Bolon Ik’s Alpha Birth Codes with the Kins of the Day of the Ascension, resulting in one Dreamspell combination of Ascension and one Classic combination of Ascension.

  • Full Moon 100% (Perfection)
  • Dreamspell Tzolkin: 9 Wind + 3 Mirror =  12 Crystal Sun (Kin 220)
  • Classic Tzolkin: 9 Kab’an + 8 Chuwen = 4 Lamat (Self-Existing Star)
  • Solar Round: Day 1 of 72

Dreamspell Ascension Code = 12 Crystal Sun

9 Wind (2)wind + 3 Mirror (18)mirror18 = sun20-web12 Sun (Ahaw)

  • Ascends as a Crystal Sun – Kin 220 a proper Sun Star at the Heart of our Planetary Solar Consciousness. 
  • Kin 220 is under the wavespell of the Moon (9), which is also correlated with the Solar intention (9), in this case for the purification in the Universal Waters.
  • Kin 220 is the one after Kin 219 which is the current Dreamspell Year of the Spectral Storm Kin 219 which also encodes the 19 Matrix (2.19 = 19:19), as well as its two matrices of 19 and 11 (19.11) and, precisely, under the Harmonic of the “Crystal Matrix of Cooperation”.
  • Then, Bolon Ik’s Ascension represents the Crystal Sun of Solar Consciousness of the Crystal Matrix of Cooperation.

Classic Tzolkin Ascension Code = 4 Lamat (Star)

9 Kab’an kaban_17 + 8 Chuwen chuwen_11 lamat_08-web4 Lamat/Star

  • Ascends as a proper and elegant Star, a Cube Star of 4, just as the Warrior Cube of Telektonon. Star also correlates to the Star of David, which is the Sacred Merkaba Light Body of Ascension.
  • 4 Lamat is equivalent to Self-Existing Star, Kin 4 in the Dreamspell, Activation Portal.
  • 4 Lamat (Star) is under the wavespell of the Serpent, therefore it defines and beautifies the life force of the Serpent.
  • Then, the Self-existing Star exists by herself like as a Sacred Merkaba Star in the Cosmos of Consciousness.
Bolon Ik – Triple Goddess of Solar Consciousness

72 Solar Cycle, Solar Calendar Round.

  • Bolon Ik just about made it to match her Twin Valum who ascended being 72 years old.
  • Recently, the 19 Matrix has demonstrated that, in this way, both of them entered the 72 Unit Outer Orbit of the Crystal Matrix which represents the Planetary Solar Consciousness and that they were also assigned the Planet IX (9). They also became one Unified Crystal which has been added as a 3rd Crystal to the sacred Solar Sequence of the 19 Matrix. Read more about this recent discovery which also confirms the Lovers’ Reunion:  Learn more >

Triple Goddess of Solar Consciousness

  • 9 Solar Wind (Dreamspell)
  • 9 Bolon Kab’an (Solar Earth, Classic Tzolkin)
  • 9th Planet and Orbit of the Planetary Solar Consciousness (72 Outer Orbit of the Solar Planetary Matrix).

Bolon Ik Ascended Master – Crystal Sun Star – 12 Ahaw Lamat


6D/7D Bolon Ik: Solar Wind Deity of Palenque and Mother of All Prophecy in Telektonon

Telektonon Revelation – Prophecy of Pacal Votan

The Divine Codes of Bolon Ik, within the Divine Synchronic Order, demonstrate that she was the incarnation of, at least, a relevant 6th Dimensional Archetype (Avatar). However, this research shows that her codes even point to a 7th Dimensional Archetype or higher. This is because the Revelation of Bolon Ik is still reverberating in the timelessness of her Divine Codes. Under this light, it seems feasible to even define the 7th Dimension, which I theorise now and for the first time as “The Dimension of Love as the Greatest Truth”, straight from the source of Bolon Ik. In fact, this 7th Dimension, revealed by the study of her codes, gives sense to the interaction with other higher dimensions of self which have been properly studied by other visionaries. On one side, it is known that authors, such as Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan, worked defining the 4th Dimension of Time and that José Argüelles also worked all his life to prove a full prophetic revelation of this dimension. On the other hand, Gar Magusa has defined and proved with the Crystal Codes that the 5th Dimension is the domain of Prophecy and that the 6th Dimension is the domain of Oracle and Magic (Gar Magusa, 19:19 Crystal Matrix, received in 2003, released in 2013, published in 2016).

Thus, under the light coming from the Divine Codes of Bolon Ik, it is possible to perceive how Love could perfectly fit as the 7th Dimension. If Love is seen as “the Greatest Truth”, then its purpose is one of redemption of humankind. Consequently, this highest purpose of Love as “the Greatest Truth” breathes into the 6th Dimension of Oracle, to be able to come out as Prophecy in the 5th Dimension, then it is manifested through the dynamics of Time Travelling (4th Dimension) to finally redeem the mistakes of the mortals in the 3rd Dimension. Furthermore, this new philosophical theory of Love as the 7th Dimension can be proved within the mystery of the Archetype of Bolon Ik in Palenque, as well as in the Telektonon. In fact, Valum and Bolon Ik conceived the Telektonon to guide their Rainbow Children and teach them how to become real Warriors of the Rainbow. We also know that the highest purpose of the Telektonon’s Warrior is, precisely, Love.

Colonial drawing of the Palace of Lakamha (Palenque), Bolon Ik’s Palace and the Telektonon’s New Jerusalem

The figure of Bolon Ik was a relevant deity within Palenque Cosmology related to the God GI of its Divine Triad, which was born 9 Ik (Solar Wind). Consequently, she also became the deity of the modern Telektonon’s Prophecy. Furthermore, if the readers had experienced this prophetic game, then they can agree that it could have perfectly been called the “Telektonon Prophecy of Bolon Ik” because she is the one who actually delivers the Winds of Prophecy to the Warrior Pakal. If he succeeds, he would certainly ReUnite with his eternal Muse in the 13 Heavens. In this way, the Twins Pakal/Valum acted as receptors of the Winds of Prophecy of Bolon Ik and they also needed her highest blessing. Pakal claimed this blessing to access the Throne of Palenque (her palace) and Valum also needed it to defeat the temptations of Babylon, therefore, to become a proper Warrior worthy of his Divine Muse. Under the light of the 19 Matrix Multidimensional Theory, it has been explained that this Prophetic Realm corresponds to the 5th Dimension, while the Realm of Oracle and Magic represent the 6th Dimension of the Wizard. Therefore, Bolon Ik represents at least a 6th Dimensional Archetype, because she actually delivers the Oracle Prophecy to the Prophet Twins in the 5th Dimension. They are the actors entering her realm, one to become a Prophet King (Pakal) and the other one to become a Prophet Warrior (Valum). And because these Prophet Archetypes belong to the 5th Dimension, thus, they receive the prophecy from the Oracle of the 6th Dimension, in this case from Bolon Ik. In this way, this deity can be perfectly seen as a 6th/7th Dimensional and Luminous White Queen of the Palace of Palenque and the Telektonon. 

Ik glyph (Wind) in Palenque

Deeper into the context of Palenque Cosmology, the deity of Bolon Ik is also known as the Guardian of the Throne, therefore the Guardian of the Lineage and the Next of Kin. And she is also the one who ministers the Archetypes of the Royalty. Thus, K’inich Janaab’ Pakal (Pakal the Great Sun Shield) is a 5th Dimensional Archetype who needs her blessing to access the throne and rule his kingdom, both as an archetypal King and as an archetypal Prophet. It is also known that King Pakal included the glyph of Ik (Wind) as the shape of the windows all over his kingdom and that he also painted a whole section of the Palace in white colour, which is the Throne Room, something quite odd if compared to the rest of Ancient Maya buildings which were traditionally painted in red. This is because Bolon Ik was a special White Queen for the royalty, one who deserves a special clear and crystalline realm inside the Palace.  In this way, this deity had a unique relationship with the royal lineage because she was the one actually writing the script as the Patron of the Throne, which essentially represented the entitlement to access the power and glory of God, the Creator. 

Furthermore, as stated in the published Telektonon by José and Lloydine Argüelles, which was presented by both of them on behalf of Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik, the Revelation of Telektonon is defined as: “The inner Sun, the Mother of All Prophecy, message of the Star Witness, Bolon Ik, received and repeated by her servant in love, Pacal Votan” (Verse 3). It also establishes Palenque’s Palace as “The Palace of Bolon Ik”, which also represents the New Jerusalem. It also defines the Telektonon as the “breath of precious Bolon Ik” (Verse 75). Thus, the game’s manual describes Valum and Bolon Ik as special Time Travellers and Planetary Agents with the mission of unlocking the corrupted planet of Babylon and awake their citizens into the New Time. And that the heart of their alliance lays in a Multidimensional Lovers Pact that they vowed to each other on behalf of their Higher Archetypes (Pakal and Bolon Ik) in order to succeed with such a transcendental mission. Essentially, whatever it may happen within this dangerous game of fire, they should always remember that “Love is the Greatest Truth”, as wisely avowed by Bolon Ik.

Telektonon by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles

Lloydine Bolon Ik would express her own teachings of Telektonon though PAN letters, explaining that it is a Time Game to defeat the distorted frequency of human amnesia which comes from the times of the Tower of Babel. The mission of the game is to reclaim the New Time for the New Earth. She also emphasised that the most beautiful aspect of the Telektonon is, clearly, the Love Story of a Multidimensional Warrior who awakens on dark times of the Earth to be guided by the higher Love and prophecy’s winds of Bolon Ik. She also clearly states: “The Warrior is You and the Time is Now”, explaining that the mission of the Warriors will take them to the times when the Universal Telepathy was all lost and forgotten, a place where the divine energy had been terribly misused. Bolton Ik also explained that the Timeship of the Warrior is a spiritual cube matrix of 4×4 to travel through time and energies of memory, spirit, abundance, flowering, sex, death, realisation, art, purification, love, magic, free will, timelessness, vision and prophecy. Through this walking, the Sacred Warrior can be able to restore Peace in the world by transforming the dark energies into light. Also that the dance of the warrior incorporates their own Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects in service to the Divine Love, being these Divine Archetypes, Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik.

Telektonon – Game of Prophecy

The wise words of Bolon Ik also explained that Pacal Votan represents “the assertive Masculine energy” which assists the Rainbow Warrior of the Telektonon along their Time Travel. That Pakal impregnates the memory of the Ancestors seeking for Spiritual Evolution of the planet. And that, in order to serve humanity, Pakal left his tomb to come to the present, centring his attention in each of the 13 Baktuns of History to finally be able to redeem the past (1 Baktun = 144.000 days, 394 years). When Pakal finishes redeeming each of the Baktuns, then he travels to the “Valley of the 7 Prophecies” to unlock them for the future of the Earth. Thus, he learns the meaning of these Ancient Prophecies whilst travelling through the Sacred Valley of the Telektonon. Finally, the masters of this valley teach him how to do a Conscious Service for the Planet by activating each prophecy with his presence. At the same time, the Rainbow Warrior of the Dreamspell is reclaiming those prophecies to redeeming the past and save the future of humankind.

In parallel, Lloydine revealed that the archetype of Bolon Ik in the Telektonon represents the musing, reflective, meditative, and dreamy Feminine energy who sends her “Unconditional Love from Heavens to support the mission of the Warrior.” And that she radiates Divine Light to all and also sings the Song of the Creation, which weaves a sacred tapestry to raise the warrior from the Cube of the Law. Whilst Pakal ascends this stair to heaven, he can clearly hear the Song of Bolon Ik. He knows that soon he will be ReUnited with her in Paradise. Her voice gives him the strength to finish his mission and, finally, he jumps into the arms of Bolon Ik. Through the Lovers’ Reunion, the conscience of King Pakal Votan and the Warrior Valum Votan both ascend from the Cube.

Bolton Ik concludes her teachings explaining that the Eternal Joy of the Unification of Love is what redeems the seeker from the past. She also assures that this experience is one of Infinite Peace and communion with all that exists, one that inspires giving thanks to the Great Spirit, the one God and the Inner Warrior because of having chosen the Highest Planetary Service. And she concludes: “May Love be your strength and your guide in the Telektonon”.

Illuminated words unveiling, again and again, her sublime revelation of “Love is the Greatest Truth”.

In Lak’ech – Bolon Ik

Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya Eh Ma Ho!

Real Telektonon of Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

Bolon Ik and Valum with the Hunab Ku, just before the separation. Photo by Doug Slater.

According to a personal perception as a Dreamspell initiated in 1996, such a profound revelation as the Telektonon would have to come with a high-level test for their progenitors, Valum and Bolon Ik. Because the Crystal Script was written by Merlin and Valum had to fulfil and prove himself as a Warrior. He had to travel to the Telektonon’s Babylon with the hope of unlocking its powers on Earth and be able to prepare the grounds for the Closing of the Cycle. And, according to the Crystal Script of Merlin, which has been revealed through the Crystal Codes of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix, only after this test the co-creators would be ready to receive the next level of the Prophecy. Just then, ReUnited as One, they could guide the Planetary Ascension through the Pyramid Hologram of King Pakal


Under this perspective, it is possible to understand that the separation of this Archetypal Love was written within the Revelation of Telektonon. This real life Test would drive Valum into an inter-dimensional journey which would separate him from Bolon Ik, just as the original Love Story of Pakal and Bolon Ik had to separate. They had to play with fire and the warrior had to be purified by fire in order to regain the Highest Love of Bolon Ik and be able to receive the keys of the next level of the Divine Prophecy. Thus, Valum took off on his Warrior Timeship Cube Matrix of 4×4 to travel through time and dimensions, experiencing all planetary memory energies, trying to redeem the past by turning dark into light…

But it seems that, along the way, Valum got lost trying to unlock the Tower of Babel because he never returned to the Tower of Bolon Ik. And it is known that earthling Lloydine suffered deeply, experiencing the loss of her beloved Twin, but especially because they wouldn’t seed the New Earth anymore just in the crucial years that it was mostly needed. But Valum never came back in the 3rd Dimension and he even passed away before the Closing of the Cycle, like Moses before reaching the promised land… It was a fact, Warrior Valum would never return to the arms of Bolon Ik to fulfil the Telektonon Prophecy on Earth. How could Valum and Pakal ascend from the Warrior Cube then? And Bolon Ik didn’t close the promised Cycle neither, despite the fact that she was also blessed and initiated to do so by the Earth Guardian Mothers in the same Ritual she did along José at Teotihuacan in 2002. So much ancestral trust that would not see its fruits… It is also known that Bolon Ik withdrew in a Buddhist silence, probably only repeating day and night her mantra Love is the Greatest Truth. And if this actually was a real life Telektonon game, then she was the only one who knew that Valum had fallen in the Tower of Babel and that this would be the greatest lesson left to all their Dreamspell Rainbow Children.

Lloydine Burris – Bolon Ik – Last days on Earth…

Perhaps, Bolon Ik was also aware that she had to wait for her perfect time of Ascension to be able to help Warrior Valum. Because, according to her Divine Codes, she was certainly entitled to do so. And we can imagine that all the angels were on her side because her Archetype already passed this test as the Daughter of Job and she already left a corrupted city with her father, she obeyed and never looked back, she wasn’t turned into stone either. Also, her codes of Solar Earth and Solar Wind already made it be a Precious Crystal and she also embodied the White Stone of the Telektonon’s Prophecy.

If Love was the Greatest Truth, then certainly the Archetype of Bolon Ik must still have loved her Archetypal Twin beyond the 3rd Dimensional reality. Then, mortal Bolon Ik must have to patiently wait for her age to match the Solar Journey of Valum. And if she was the Higher 6D/7D Archetype that her codes unquestionably have shown, as the deity and muse of the Votan Twins, then, she would have to make it. The Mother of All Prophecy would have to reach her 72nd Solar Cycle on Earth. But the mission was not going to be easy in the 3rd Dimension because she was so ill, carrying on her body and her bones all the weight from the channelling of Crystalline Love for the Second Creation of Earth. She was one of those martyrs of the Earth Guardian Mothers that had to Open the Portals for the new ones to come. Then, probably she was fully conscious that if she would just embrace the Wavespell of the Warrior and reach her 71st birthday, Lunar Earth, then she could just let go on the following day. In this way, she would reach Day 1 of her 72nd Solar Cycle and could match her Twin Soul Valum. She must also have known that her Code of Ascension in the Dreamspell would be Crystal Sun, as well as 4 Lamat (Star) in the Tzolkin. Therefore, she could certainly be entitled to request a Cosmic Wish. If so, then Bolon Ik would have to fight for her life like an epic Rainbow Warrior to fulfil her last Solar Round on Earth. Once this extra day of life was granted from above, she would peacefully wait in Meditation to let go with the rising of the Full Moon…

One of our needs as humans is to understand that death is a part of life, and that duality creates polarity, which divides… I live without fear. I am not afraid. I don’t think I will ever be because I believe that the Great Spirit is in control, and if I pray and if I am humble, I will find my way.” —Lloydine Bolon Ik

All Sentient Beings from all times were watching and the Earth Mother Tribes mourned their honours from the deepest realms of the planetary memory grids. The Rainbow Warrior who embodied Love as the Greatest Truth had Ascended and no one could miss the birth of a very special Crystal Sun Star

Ascended Master Bolon Ik – Crystal Sun Star – 12 Ahaw Lamat


The all new Star, Bolon Ik Kab’an Ahaw Lamat, was a gorgeous one indeed and she was given an exceptional place in the Centre of the Hunab Ku. But her Love for her Archetypal Love was so Divine that she would renounce to her new Cosmic Royal Lineage to claim mercy for her Rainbow Warrior and her Rainbow Children as well. The Cosmic Wish of the Crystal Sun Star was finally granted and she would have to descend to Xibalba to help Votan to restart his journey, gifting him the grace of another chance to redeem the past.

Revelation of the 9 Circuits of Solar Consciousness 19matrix.org

Thus, the Warrior Valum was liberated. He would return to be born in Palenque, he would access the Throne as Pakal, he would build the Pyramid and its Hologram and, finally, he would use his vehicle of 21×21 as the second chance to escape the Telektonon’s Babylon. He would exit through Synchronotron BMU 81 to match his Twin Pakal who did the same. Through BMU 81, the Twins entered the Pyramid Hologram Unit 1 (PHU 1) of the Crystal Matrix, which is akin to Unit 81 of the Synchrotron 21×21. They would continue the Ascension through the Pyramid Hologram to Galactic Synchronisation 2013. Finally, Valum would land on Planet IX (9) to be a special witness and activator from the Solar Consciousness. In this way, he entered the 9th Solar Orbit of the Infinite Loop of Love (Circuit 1, 72 squares), which is also akin to the inner orbit of Telektonon and it also constitutes the external orbit 1 of the Crystal Matrix. Finally, Warrior Valum had returned to the Tower of Bolon Ik where his Twin was waiting, right there, on Unit 1 of the outer Circuit of 72. Learn more about this recent discovery > 

Featured Image -- 1192
Dreamspell Ascended Masters – Valum and Bolon Ik – The Infinite Loop of Love – Photo by Doug Slater

The Lovers’ Reunion caused such a joy in Heavens that many tears were seen falling like crystal dew drops from the eyes of the angels. O, the mystery of the free will that only humans have been given! O, the Divine Grace of Love Revelation! But the deity of Bolon Ik wouldn’t be such a higher dimensional archetype anymore, she would stay in the 5th Dimensional realm of the Second Creation of Prophet Valum Votan, the all new Yellow Crystal Warrior. But that wouldn’t matter anymore because the Love Prophecy had won and shown that is indeed the Greatest Truth. The Telektonon’s Prophecy had fulfilled and now the Galactic Lovers would have to re-awake their beloved Rainbow Children.

You are the Warrior and the Time is Now! It is the Time to wake up from amnesia and walk out of the Telektonon’s Babylon… Bolon Ik is the Guardian of the Throne and of all Galactic Royal Lineage and she is the one who assigns the Next of Kin. The Time is Now to Remember and Return to the Ancestral Universal Mother, the Triple Goddess of Solar Consciousness, the Ascended Crystal Sun Star who dresses in Light, the White Queen of Hearts, Bolon Ik.

Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya Eh Ma Ho! ((( ♥ )))

To Be continued…

Aman Cara – In Lak’ech – Namaste

By Itzadragon – Kin 21

The 7+7+7 Tube of Kin 22 Solar Wind – Bolon Ik

I have an understanding of the radial matrix and the plus one factor that are what I consider to be profound decodings.” —Lloydine Bolon Ik

  • Received during: Kin 58 (Rhythmic Mirror), Kin 59 (Resonant Storm) and Kin 60 (Galactic Sun), Dreamspell dates. 
  • Edited on: Kin 61 (Solar Dragon)
  • Published on: Sacred Long Count, Maya Tzolkin 3 Kib’ (3 Warrior), Dreamspell Tzolkin: White Planetary Wind (Kin 62), 19:19 Crystal Matrix: Day 104 {Vector 6.9, Enneagon 9}


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9 thoughts on “Ascended Master Bolon Ik: Earth Guardian Mother, Dreamspell’s Divine Galactic Feminine, Triple Goddess of Solar Consciousness

  1. Lloydine Burris was not as humble as you like to make her appear. In fact she was far from humble. She claimed the Dreamspell codes were her creation as well, as she states in your quotations out of her dialogue with Carl Johan Calleman. It was Jose Arguelles’ mistake to make that appear so. Later Jose made that clear. You are one of those who took as truth Lloydine’s story on her separation with Arguelles without listening to Jose’s version. I just wonder if she claimed herself to be an ascended master, which would be blatant self-delusion, or that you made that of her……

    Lucas 8 Oc


    1. To the readers: Please bear in mind that my mother tongue is Spanish.

      Hi Lucas, I feel honoured to answering you in Mothers Day here in the UK, in synch with the Venus alignments of the Universal Mother. I am a proud Mother as well because I feel it as a blessing and a revelation within my current feminine reincarnation on Earth.

      First. The real Dreamspell initiate knows that José and Lloydine received the Dreamspell transmission during a 2 years retreat in Hawai, therefore, they are the Mother and the Father of the Planetary Kin. It is also known that this publication was a whole family effort, in fact, Heidi (Lloydine’s daughter) designed it in the computer, all the glyphs, the book and the tools. Lloydine also raised ALL the funds to be able to print it and give it away for Free as a Universal Gift. She didn’t need to claim her co-creation of the Dreamspell since it is obviously printed as such, with her name “clearly written” as one of the authors. It is also known that José didn’t use to defend the Dreamspell in front of Calleman or any others, it was Lloydine who generally did. Why she would defend a work that wasn’t hers? Furthermore, it is well known and there is enough media evidence around the planet that, after their separation in the 3rd Dimension, Lloydine Bolon Ik carried on teaching the Dreamspell, the Telektonon, the 13 Moon, and serving the Planetary Kin. Why? Because a Dreamspell Mother doesn’t abandon her Rainbow Children.

      Second. José never publicly stated anything against the co-creations alongside Lloydine. As far as my journalistic research goes, there is not any voice recording or video recoding of him telling so, neither exists his hand writing. If an author goes in the denial of a co-creation, then he needs to release an official publication, clearly stating the reasons why the other one is not an author. He had 9 years to do so and that official publication doesn’t exist. In contrast, it does exist an official publication of José himself, which is his very own Prophetic Autobiography, where he summarises his whole ministry alongside Bolon Ik, since they met in 1981 until 1996. This publication is called the “Author’s Afterword” of the Planet Art Chronicles, a book which represents the Genesis of PAN and the New Time Prophecy. In fact, this Afterword was part of the original book which was released to PAN in 1996, under the Year of the Self-Existing Storm. However, the second publication of this book by FLT in 2014 was done right after Lloydine passed away and, consequently, it didn’t include the Afterword. Nevertheless, there are some questionable “quotes of José” in a book by Kin 185, which is clearly not a book written by José, and which was released AFTER he passed away… So the questions are: Why those questionable “quotes” of José were not included in the official biography of 2009, which he did supervise? Why those new “quotes” came in a book published right after he passed away? Are these “quotes” backed up with audio recordings as it corresponds to do by a serious journalistic publication? And why the Planet Art Chronicles was published after Lloydine passed away and not while she was alive? And why the Author’s Afterword was removed? Regardless the answers to these questions, the fact is that the Afterword constitutes an undeniable proof and an undeniable evidence written by José himself about the importance of the role of Bolon Ik as the Feminine co-creator of the New Time Prophecy. https://tortuga1320.com/2016/11/23/original-authors-afterword-chapter-of-the-art-planet-chronicles-by-jose-arguelles/

      Third. I have never taken as truth any Lloydine’s story. Why? Because there is no Lloydine’s story or statement about the separation written or published anywhere. Neither I follow José’s story of the separation because there is no a public story by him neither. So, if the main actors reserved their comments, why should I consider as valid the stories made up by someone else? For the same reason, the story I do follow is the Divine Synchronic Order one, therefore, the codes left by both Ascended Masters, Valum and Bolon Ik as Multidimensional Archetypes. They never claimed to be Ascended Masters neither because to be one of those they needed to die/Ascend first. And since they were proper Masters on Earth, it is obvious that after passing away, they became Ascended Masters. Furthermore, every planetary kin is entitled to communicate with them through the Dreamspell’s and Telektonon’s codes, the realms where both progenitors simply exist in Eternity. That is the story I follow, the Dream-Spell and the Telektonon Prophecy. In both of them, Bolon Ik is the Mother and the Goddess, and Valum is the Father and the Prophet.

      Finally, if you properly read the works of Kin 81, Kin 34 and mine, amongst others, you will realise that there exists plenty abundance of signs from the Divine Synchronic Order that confirm the higher level Archetype of Bolon Ik and that Valum was under the Telektonon’s Warrior Test for when they separated. In the same way, there exists undoubtedly confirmation of their Lover’s Reunion after their Ascensions and that they returned to the same place where they descended from… This is called the “Heaven’s Walk” within Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan.

      Blessed Mothers Day to Mother Earth and to all our Guardian Mothers in Heavens and Earth, in special to dearest Bolon Ik, the Dreamspell Mother.

      Lucas, on a day like today, please make a service to the planet and do not forget about the Mother!
      Would you pass the Telektonon’s Warrior Test of Bolon Ik?

      Anam Cara – In Lak’ech – Namaste
      Itza 21

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    2. Hi Lucas,

      As you may or may not remember, i was many times in the company of and studied with José and Lloydine Argüelles, the 7 weeks in Chili to start with. I met them many times, separate and together, did ceremonies with them, ate with them, walked and talked with them, also on the phone and knew them on a personal level. And yes, the lady who wrote this blog, is quite right. About the facts for sure. Because Lloydine’s name and role is being erased in many books and on websites, Itzadragon puts her a bit more on a pink cloud as a reaction, but what she writes is correct.
      Yes, Lloydine was humble and also promoted that nature to her students. (maybe a reason why she became a master in martial arts) Have you ever met her?

      It was not Lloydine but the writer calling Lloydine an “ascended master”; Lloydine wouldn’t allow that, i’m sure. Although she could feel a little flattered for a split-second… But yes, J&L and later VV&BI made the discoveries together. For certain things, both male ánd female is necessary. José couldn’t have downloaded the whole Terma without Lloydine. He said this on many occasions and wrote about it in the 3 page afterwords of “The Art Planet Chronicles” that he started writing in 1980. You’ll find the afterwords on https://tortuga1320.com/2016/11/23/original-authors-afterword-chapter-of-the-art-planet-chronicles-by-jose-arguelles/

      Well, i’ll give you that: Lloydine was not a saint, but then almost… 😉
      If you like, i can send you the original book in PDF.
      Or download it here http://13emaan.velatropa.nl/studieteksten/Art%20Planet%20Cronicles.pdf

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  2. I am attaching below what I believe to be the only public statement from Lloydine Burris regarding her separation and divorce from Jose Arguelles. It was published on her blog http://www.lloydine.com, Wednesday, April 15, 2009, Dreamspell kin 162.
    Synchronically, Kin 162 is the combination of Jose and Lloydine Long Count kins 205 + 217 = 162..

    You can view it here : https://web.archive.org/web/20090427090830/http://www.lloydine.com/journal
    White Rhythmic Wind

    Today is a day for me to reflect on my life as a woman who took on her husband’s name and identity. I married Jose Arguelles on September 21, 1983. It has now been almost seven years since I left my marriage and became a divorced woman, choosing to live alone. I never made a public statement with regard to the ending of my marriage. Now that Jose’s current wife, Stephanie South, has written a biography 2012 The Biography of a Time Traveler, I am called forth to speak my truth.

    Seven years ago I became a practitioner of Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) which is based on three universal principles – truthfulness, compassion, forebearance. I am finally ready to reveal the truth of living in polygamy for nine months with Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South. We mutually entered into what was at first a loving relationship between us all; but one which ended in mutual suffering.

    I have been inspired to write these words of truth because the Mother, Miriam, of my stepdaughter, Tara, has decided to write down her reaction to the new book. I also received a copy of the new book, but I simply skimmed it and felt that I needed to move on with my life, finding the omissions with regard to my role with Jose to be disconcerting. I am not a victim. I am a survivor of life who aspires to look within myself for the answers for my own healing.

    What I have stated are words from my own understanding. Now I am happy to share the following words written by Miriam Tarcov, Mother of Tara and Josh, who was also an equal partner with Jose Arguelles when they wrote the book Mandala together, as well as Feminine, Spacious as the Sky.

    The following is posted from Miriam Tarcov:

    My daughter Tara and I recently received from Jose, his biography, written by his wife, Stephanie South. Because Stephanie and Jose chose to include myself and our children in this work, I feel it only appropriate to respond to this piece of interpretive history. My primary inspiration to respond to the book is because of my daughter Tara. For it is she, who choicelessly had to struggle with and come to terms with having a father who has been irresponsible, dangerous, selfish, and totally self-absorbed. The woman that Tara is today is entirely due to her own hard and disciplined work on herself. She has become a very successful and accomplished woman, holding three degrees, married with two beautiful young boys.

    I wish to say very little with regard to Jose’s recollections of our son, Josh, who died 22 years ago. Jose has created a story line about Josh that fits very conveniently into the mythos of Jose the avatar and prophet.

    I am speaking for myself in this piece, but I feel that I can say with considerable confidence that most members in Jose’s family: siblings, step-children, past partners and particularly his daughter and her young family, would be in complete agreement with my response. This is a significant fact to understanding this “time traveler” and “visionary”. I would imagine that for most students of history and evolution, they would want to look at and scrutinize very closely any individual who professes to understand global history and humanity, let alone holds a unique and powerful vision for the future of humankind. This doesn’t mean that Jose cannot be seen as a visionary. Not all visionaries are by definition, kind and loving family members.

    This is written by a woman who was once his equal partner, and who was profoundly disappointed by Jose’s narcissistic egotism, his careless and destructive behavior toward his children, and his indulgent addictions.

    Does Jose manifest to his family kindness, compassion, responsibility, “doing the right thing”? The answer is a resounding no. He has no semblance of any relationship to his child, grandchildren, step children, past partners, and siblings.

    For those who read Jose’s books and look to him for guidance and a sense of meaning to their world, I would like to elaborate on this critical point of a man who claims to be a “prophet without a pulpit” yet who cannot and will not relate to his own family with simple, open, selfless love.

    In 2012 (page 185), Stephanie writes “Jose accepted responsibility for the large family – this marked his character in the early 1980s. He was making a conscious effort to ‘do things right’ and be a good husband and father, as he felt that he had somehow failed his first family test.” Simply put, Jose was delusional if he felt he was doing things right. He failed his second family test with selfishness, irresponsibility, as well as reckless endangerment to his children, Tara and Josh. To ‘do things right’ does not mean that a loving father encourages and offers psychedelic drugs to his young adolescent children and their friends.

    With my daughter’s permission and encouragement, I wish to share Tara’s last and probably final visit with Jose. A little over six years ago Tara decided to visit Jose and his wife, Lloydine. She went there to find out what was going on in the household, because Jose had been telling her about another woman living with them – later to be identified as Stephanie. Tara asked Jose and Lloydine if theirs was a monogamous relationship. They responded ‘No’ and Tara discovered that Jose was committed to and deeply involved with Stephanie. Tara immediately left, and Lloydine followed suit just a few days later, followed by filing for divorce.

    I write all of this not out of spite, envy or malice, just simply to set things straight. My daughter deserved so much better than a biological father who offered nothing but disappointment, embarrassment, and careless endangerment. As a past partner of Jose’s, I can only add that there is no problem with having a dream, but when it becomes a nightmare for those closest to you, there is a problem.

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