” There is a reason why I was placed on this Earth. The reason is to be found in a tomb, where are inscribed all of the signs of my becoming and all of the signs of my return. If life and death are a mystery, then the EarthsSolar Orbitholdsthekey – All life is a balance – the cosmos an equation of perfect harmony.” Valum Votan CHC

¿¿¿ Earth’s Solar Orbit ???


Solar Earth’s Orbit ~

Lloydine (Bolon Ik ), was Kin 217, Bolon Caban in the Traditional Count. She was born a Double Solar Archetype in the Sacred Tzolkin. The Solar Wind & The Solar Earth. She was genuinely moved to behold her Traditional kin, Bolon Caban / Solar Earth.

Kin 217, is the tube of kin 218, Planetary Mirror, the Dreamspell Kin that the Tomb of Pakal was uncovered nearly 1269 years after the Ascension of…

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