What is the Ancient Future? How can these opposite words possibly come together and actually mean something coherent? Is there a definition of Ancient Future? This philosophical essay presents insights from a research publication I have been working in. It is an exegesis of the term Ancient Future and it explores its modern cultural meanings across a multidimensional timeline of humanity. The study focuses on the fact that its two compound words, Ancient and Future, are directly correlated to the fourth dimension of time (4th Dimension), therefore the interpretation is done from a multidimensional perspective which also extends to the 5th and 6th Dimension. A hermeneutical analysis shows that the Maya Civilisation included a multidimensional Ancient Future aspect, which far exceeds the behaviour of any other Ancient Civilisation. It also finds that the cultural meanings of this term appear to have been expressed as a mere descriptive adjective supporting other conceptualisations, rather than defining the concept itself. Therefore, this writing presents a philosophical definition and theory of Ancient Future, establishing the existence of three types of Ancient Future, one within the field of Prophecy, one within the field of Revelation and one within the field of Wisdom. The conclusions of this work maintain that Ancient Future is essentially the continuum infinite loop of the Cosmos reflected in Multidimensional Consciousness.

Ancient Future Cosmology, Prophecy and Revelation: Galactic Maya and Multidimensional Consciousness by Itzadragon

What is the Ancient Future? Has this concept ever been acknowledged and defined within the academic world? Or is it just pure science fiction and fantasy? Truth is that since the beginning of the 21st century, the phrase Ancient Future has become almost vox populi within the New Age groups and the so called Awakening Movement. Consequently, allusions to this term have been widely observed in the cultural expressions of those movements, especially within the fields of Visionary Music and Visionary Arts. But what is the origin of this notion? And what does it actually mean?

Ancient Wisdom into the present Future of civilisation: A Third Dimensional Approach 

According to this research, the first reference to this term comes from the musical ensemble, Ancient Future, which was a New Age band founded back in 1978. But, since this was only a creative name for a musical project and not a proper conceptualisation, it is pertinent to leave it out of context for the purposes of this essay. However, it has been mentioned because it was indeed a visionary cultural manifestation from the musical arts that gave a meaning to this term that lasts until today, suggesting the fusion of Ancient World Music with modern music production, and the bringing of echoes from the Ancient World into the oncoming Future of the present civilisation. Despite this, the Ancient Future musical ensemble didn’t seem to cause the globalisation of the notion of Ancient Future per se.

Ancient Future of Ancient Egypt Wisdom

Thus, from a scholarly approach within the social and human sciences, it is feasible to establish that the term became vox populi after the publication of the esoteric book: Ancient Future: The Teachings and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt, by the author Wayne Chandler and published in December, 2000. By this time, the Internet was just rising as an influential mass medium, something that can easily explain the globalisation of the term, especially within the New Age movement. However, the subject of study of this book didn’t have an openly purpose of defining the concept of Ancient Future itself, rather, it was intended to transmit a particular holistic integration of ancient Egyptian wisdom. Then, the book established how the Egyptians were able to connect their philosophical, spiritual and material ways of life into one unified manifestation. In this sense, the epigraph of the book, which was Ancient Future, appealed to recreate this holistic practice into a synthesised lifestyle for nowadays by inspiring an assimilation of certain Ancient Wisdom practices ad portas of the futuristic 21st century. And, probably, this is the way the concept has been understood by the vox populi until nowadays, especially within the modern Awakening Movement.

In parallel, also at the beginning of the 21st century and as a reaction to this holistic globalisation of the term Ancient Future, some Western Christian groups came out with the concept of “Ancient Future Faith”. This reaction can easily be explained because of the historical pattern of religious institutions, such as the Church, which have always seen Ancient Egypt as the root of Paganism. Consequently, the Church has persistently stood up against any type of cultural meanings linked to Paganism, with the well known strategy of converting and adapting the Pagan terms and beliefs into Christianised concepts. Then, the creation of the “Ancient Future Faith” was about grounding the modern’s worship practice of the Christian Church as it was in the early days before being institutionalised. However, from a philosophical angle, this constitutes an evident non-sequitur fallacy, because the logic says that Ancient can also be a synonym of Pagan because Ancient Civilisations were polytheistic per se. Therefore, almost everyone but the Church could possibly claim that its institutionalised faith is Ancient, because history tells us that the early origins of Christianity were already within the context of the Western Civilisations. (In contrast, the non-institutional concept of Christ Consciousness belongs to a different context though).

Then, it is possible to conclude that these visions of Ancient Future, both the Church’s version and the esoteric version, appealed to the hope of bringing wisdom from the past of humanity to the modern times. This is obviously a linear understanding of time as a cause and effect, being the cause the ancient past and the effect the future of the now. Therefore, it is feasible to suggest that both understandings constitute a third dimensional (3rd Dimensional) vision of Ancient Future, which still constitutes a relevant achievement of cultural meaning anyways. But since it is 3rd Dimensional, it doesn’t involve the dynamics of the fourth dimension of time (4th Dimension), something that seems necessary to be applied because of the compound words of the term, Ancient and Future, both having a direct correlation with time. Thus, from a multidimensional point of view, this linear understanding of Ancient Future is still limited.    

Ancient Future Prophecy of the Galactic Maya: From a 3rd Dimensional to a 4th Dimensional Vision

The Ancient Future of the Itza

Continuing with the reasoning about the cultural meanings of the notion of Ancient Future, there is an outstanding publication that came out in 1982, which was the book: The Ancient Future of the Itza: The Book of Chilam Balam of Tizimin by the renowned American linguist and anthropologist, Munro S. Edmonson. It was the first time that the idea of Ancient Future was properly introduced to the fields of the social and human sciences, therefore it was the first academic approach towards a philosophical conceptualisation. Also, it was done 18 years before the other publication about Egyptian Civilisation, so from an academic point of view, this can be considered the mother root of the term Ancient Future. The work of Edmonson basically consisted in a double translation of the Maya manuscript of Timizin from Yucatec Maya into English, including both, a literal translation and a poetical translation. This manuscript belongs to a total of nine surviving manuscripts that constitute The Book of Chilam Balam, which is a prophetic book that survived from the Ancient Maya city of Chichen Itza. The book of Edmonson constituted the first linguistic translation of the manuscript of Timizin and, probably because of him being totally immersed within its prophetic nature, this could explain his creative epigraph title of Ancient Future. By doing so, he applied a visionary cultural translation of the brilliance of Ancient Maya Cosmology. This because he noted and established, for the first time within the Mayanist world, the particular tradition of the Maya of recording their past, predicting their future and then living it. A tradition that, according to Edmonson, no other ancient civilisations have ever gone so far in this direction.

In this way, the entire Chilam Balam was a sacred manuscript recording the ritualistic past and predicting the future. The authors were generations of Mayan priests under the name of Chilam Balam, being the word chilam “a priest who delivers prophecy” and balam the widely used ritualistic surname meaning “jaguar”, therefore the Jaguar Priest of Prophecy. Also, it is interesting to note that jaguar, as a sacred Mayan animal totem, also appeared under the name of Ix in the Yucatecan Maya dialect and as Ix-Balam in the Maya K’iché dialect, this last one showing a synthesis of both meanings of jaguar, the sacred animal surname and the sacred animal itself. From a Dreamspell Tzolkin perspective, the modern name given to Ix is Wizard, indicating part of its original meaning as a priest who delivers prophecy or the Wizard of Prophecy. And regardless the interpretation of the meaning of Chilam Balam or the disambiguations as Ix Balam, the Mayan priests under this archetypal name were the ones in charge of recording the ritualistic past and predicting the future. Also, they used to rotate by assigning a Chilam Balam ruler every 20 years (Maya Code 0-19) who was the official prophet or Spokesman of the Jaguar during this period of time and the one in charge to transform the prophecies into actual events.   

Cosmos, the space-time continuum

Despite the fact that the Maya didn’t openly call Ancient Future to this practice, the creative cultural translation of Edmonson certainly did, as expressed in the epigraph of his book title. But as a scientist, he obviously didn’t investigate further on how was the future actually accessed. However, throughout his translation of the book of Timizin it is possible to notice an evident dimensional shift between the third dimensional vision of the term Ancient Future that appeared at the beginning of the 21st century, with the one actually manifested and sealed in stone and within the manuscripts of Maya Cosmology. Instead of having a linear understanding of time as a cause and effect, which applies to the third dimension, it is possible to see the dynamics of time fully applied. Precisely, this refers to the concept of space-time continuum defined by the astronomer Carl Sagan, where “Space-time is a mathematical model that joins space and time into a single idea called a continuum. This four-dimensional continuum is known as Minkowski space. Combining these two ideas helped cosmology to understand how the universe works on the big level (e.g. galaxies) and small level (e.g. atoms).” Sagan explained the 4th Dimension to Time further in chapter 10 of his renowned book Cosmos (1980).

Then, it is certainly curious to note how Maya Cosmology seemed to fully understand the 4th Dimension of Time that was only defined in the year 1980. From this perspective, the role of the Chilam Balam ruler can actually be seen as the Prophetic Wizard of Time, the Wizard of the 4th Dimension. First, the mission of registering the past, studying it and learning from its dynamics, establishing patterns and waves within a recorded timeline of facts and events. Second, the use of this information plus their Sacred Tzolkin Calendar and Astronomy knowledge, as well as cosmological constants to actually predict the Future. Some of the futuristic predictions included Eclipses, astronomical alignments, rain seasons but even the arrival of the Spaniards to Yucatán was predicted in The Book of Chilam Balam. Probably, the Maya were able to even understand the patterns of the historic waves within civilisations, which after reaching certain climax suddenly decay. And finally, the third mission of the Chilam Balam was to actually transform the prophecies from the future into a matter of fact into the present to be able to live the future in the present. This probably constituted the most difficult and stressful part of the role.

Thus, it is reasonable to deduce that the Maya were an Ancient Civilisation which was obsessed with the Future. And, from a Sagan’s perspective, it is feasible to maintain that the Maya actually bent the space-time continuum of the 4th Dimension of Time, which means they were already shifted from the 3rd to the 4th Dimension, or at least their rulers’ priests were. Because instead of using the teachings of the past to live the present, they used them as cosmological patterns to predict their future and bring the prophetic future to their present. By doing so, they assumed and understood, directly or intrinsically, a higher dimensional system that was actually accessed by the Chilam Balam, the Prophetic Wizard of Time. So, if we compare this vision with the common understanding of Ancient Future in modern days, as the action of bringing Ancient Wisdom to the oncoming Future of the present civilisation, we can actually see the dimensional shift of the Maya by predicting their Future and then living it. For this reason and according to the upcoming part of this essay, it is possible to assume that they had some kind of multidimensional knowledge or Higher Self Consciousness. Along the same lines, it is feasible to establish that even the early design of the Sacred Count of the Tzolkin, the cosmological Maya Calendar, was also originally conceived by one Prophetic Priest or a group of them. 

Mayanism and the Dreamspell transcreation: Mastering the 4th Dimension of the Ancient Future

The wisdom of the Maya Civilisation would sleep for a long time inscribed in the glyphs of the lost temples across the jungles of Mesoamerica and within the oral myths of the survival tribes, away from the Western World, so it would do their intrinsical Ancient Future practice. And despite the archeological and anthropological discoveries, the impact of their wisdom into modern times was still far from being absorbed into human meanings. Because the approach of science has never been spiritual, neither holistic but focused on recording the past to study the advanced aspects of a civilisation, rather than an open mission to expand their wisdom and cosmology into modern society. In the same way, it is known that the approach of science is a non-inclusive one, therefore, it generally stays within the scientific’s writings rather than being a knowledge of the masses.

Maya Temple by Atarts.deviantart.com
Lost Maya Temple by Atarts.deviantart.com

However, the uncovering of the majestic Maya tomb of King Pakal in Palenque in 1952, added to the posterior decoding of the Maya Code by the archeologist, anthropologist and epigrapher Coe Michael D. (Breaking the Maya Code, 1992), would set the Era of Mayanism and the revival of their intrinsic Ancient Future practice. It was observed that, on one side, the Mayanists started delivering their translations from the Ancient Maya world and, on the other, new agents from the futuristic New Age movement, started translating them culturally, therefore transcreating their ancient wisdom into modern spiritual wisdom. Transcreating because they would interfere the Ancient Wisdom of the Maya to be culturally translated and understood into the language of the present, plus they would also add poetical and spiritual meaning. But this transcreation practice, which is something totally accepted and even necessary within the professional field of language translation, it was totally rejected by the Mayanists. And even if it is true that lots of fantasy and fallacy have been added, an integral and objective vision of how humans evolve their cultural meanings should have been applied to Mayanism in order to give some kind of justice to their valuable research. There is obviously no harmony between the Mayanists and the Mayanism’s gurus until today, the same reason why science doesn’t cope with spirituality. However, the 21st century seems to be manifesting a more evolved holistic approach in order to universalise the human process of cultural meanings, where science and spirituality could possibly interact. Even so, Mayanist versus Mayanism is indeed a long debate.

Tony Shearer – Harmonic Convergence

Back in the context of Maya Cosmology and its intrinsic Ancient Future practice, the so called Mayanism would start with a notable transcreation of the Sacred Calendar Count of the Tzolkin. This calendar, which is the sacred one amongst the other Maya calendars, is composed of 260 glyphs, which are formed by the combination of 20 aspects and 13 numbers, every aspect combined with each number until 260 possibilities are completed. The American Lakota author, Tony Shearer, had the brilliance of aligning them into a matrix of 13 x 20 = 260. By doing so, the space-time continuum of the Tzolkin was easily seen with modern eyes, as well as its particular motions and correlations within its aspects and its numbers. It was precisely this brilliance that would fully inspire the work of José and Lloydine Argüelles to develop the Dreamspell Tzolkin Matrix of 13:20 presented in the Dreamspell – The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013, a journey that began in 1987 and was officially released and published in 1990. 

Despite that none of them openly defined the term Ancient Future, their work certainly showed a higher level of understanding of the intelligence of Maya Cosmology. And because of it, the concept of Galactic Maya was applied. The Dreamspell, which was a sophisticated re-engineered work of the Maya Tzolkin brought a much more defined understanding of the 4th Dimension by also integrating the constant of Synchronicity conceived by C. G. Jung in 1952. In this context, the modern Chilam Balam priests of the Dreamspell were Jose playing as the archetype of Valum Votan and Lloydine playing as the archetype of Bolon Ik. They entered the prophetic realm of the Future and injected it into the 260 glyphs of the modern Tzolkin. By doing so, they transcreated the Ancient Future of Maya Cosmology into modern times and also trained a large worldwide community into the 4th Dimension of Time. Just as the Chilam Balam’s priests did, they took notice of the ritualistic records of the past, which were delivered from the discoveries of archeology and anthropology, and they also accessed the prophetic future, bringing it to be lived in the present.

Dreamspell – The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 – Presented and designed by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, 1990

The Dreamspell, as a brilliant transcreation of Mayan Wisdom, caused a worldwide impact within the New Age movement, a revolution that the work of Tony Shearer didn’t cause. Probably because of the role of Lloydine Bolon Ik, who acted as a worldwide cultural activator, the perfect partner and co-creator of the modern prophecy. In 1983, she and José Argüelles created the Planet Art Network (PAN) in preparation for the Harmonic Convergence Peace Meditation of August 16-17, 1987. And it is well known that the effect of this cultural activism actually set the grounds for the world to pay attention to their work, otherwise, they would have certainly passed kind of unnoticed. In contrast to Shearer, José and Lloydine co-created a movement, a global Galactic Family and certainly conceived many Rainbow Children. This co-creation can also explain the immediate global reverberation of the book of Jose, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology (1987) since the pathway was already paved with PAN and the Harmonic Convergence.  

And the modern Chilam Balams, Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, would go further by co-creating the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan, which was a book and a game board delivering prophecy aspects of the Maya King of Palenque in the shape of a Mayan Gospel. This Ancient Future game also reflected in a more defined vision of the Future to come: the end of the Maya Baktun Cycle in 2012, the Timeship Earth 2013 and the Galactic Synchronisation in 2013.  But the visionary Galactic Maya couple separated and the movement decayed dramatically until nowadays, for the same reasons the Telektonon didn’t seem to cause the global impact that the Dreamspell did, neither the next works of Jose after The Mayan Factor. And, in order to have his own tool of prophecy, Jose would create the matrix of 21 x 21 which is known as the Synchrotron 21:21, aspiring to fully model the 4th Dimension of Time with more sophisticated aspects of Synchronicity. Nevertheless, this new tool still had fundaments provided by the original Telektonon and the Cube of 7:7:7:7 which he created alongside Bolon Ik.  

Jose and Lloydine Arguelles – Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

However, from a 4th Dimension perspective of the notion of Ancient Future directly inherited from Maya Cosmology, it would be the Dreamspell and only the Dreamspell the one that caused a significant impact within the cultural meanings of the dimension of time. And regardless the fact that the galactic couple had separated, their master numbers (11+22=33) and archetypes would stay alive within the Dreamspell co-creation. This is because they accessed a higher dimensional realm just as the Chilam Balams did and the creators of the original Tzolkin did. And the same way these tools carried on being alive regardless their human creators, the Dreamspell’s realm of Valum and Bolon Ik is alive because of its source being embedded in the original Tzolkin. Therefore, the Dreamspell as a tool to master the 4th Dimension of Time still reverberates its own dynamics as the most valuable transcreation into modern times of the Ancient Future practice of the Maya. 

But 2012 arrived and the Timeship Earth 2013 apparently didn’t take off and it all seemed like nothing really happened. Nevertheless, the Ancient Future still had more tales to tell…

19 Matrix: Ancient Future Revelation and Multidimensional Consciousness

Ancient Future Revelation and Multidimensional Consciousness – 19:19 Crystal Matrix – 19matrix.org

Just in synchronicity with the Timeship Earth 2013, the year 2013 marked the appearance of a significant new layer of Ancient Future understanding for humankind. The 19:19 Crystal Matrix (19 Matrix) became public and it defined itself as a Universal Revelation coming from a Higher Dimensional System in the shape of a visionary blue print tool which claims to come from the Future and to be the answer to 2012, the continuity to the Dreamspell Journey to 2013 and the next level to Synchrotron 21:21. It also claimed to be the sacred tool to master human capabilities to shift from the 4th Dimension to the 5th and 6th Dimensions. It is actually the first philosophical and cosmological corpus that openly defines the 5th Dimension as Prophecy and the 6th Dimension as Oracle and Magic. On the other hand, some authors of the awakening movement have been talking about many more dimensions than that but even if we can presume they might exist, they haven’t actually been defined, neither they have been proved. Therefore, those presumptions cannot be taken seriously within a multidimensional study, especially if we consider the work of authors as Sagan and Arguelles who dedicated a whole life just to define the 4th Dimension of Time. In contrast, the 19 Matrix has been delivering a series of once in a lifetime synchronicity to prove all its claims, especially if they are seen with the eyes of a 4th Dimension perspective mastered by the Dreamspell (More about 19 Matrix and Dreamspell in the Annex).

Under the light of the 19 Matrix, it became kind of simple to explain the intrinsical Ancient Future practice of the Chilam Balams and the Dreamspell founders. According to this light, they were able to master the 4th Dimension of Time by accessing their 5th Dimensional Archetypes of Prophets, bringing the Future from the 6th Dimension of Oracle and Magic to be lived in the present of the 3rd and 4th Dimension. Neither the Chilam Balams, neither the Dreamspell founders defined it this way, though, because the Dimensional Shift hadn’t occurred yet. However, it seems to make total sense under the 19:19 vision of Higher Dimensions of Self actually injecting magic into the lower dimensions of Self. Is this the Ancient Future secret of the Maya finally revealed?

The basic fundaments of the 19 Matrix Multidimensional Theory have been explained in the book 19:19 Crystal Matrix: The Sacred Meditation of the Ascended Masters by Gar Magusa (2016). This theory proposes that there is a Higher Dimensional Consciousness that actually comes from the Future, in the shape of Future Self, which is the main archetypal source of all beings, which injects into the lower dimensions of the ancient past and the current present. Under the same logic, the same Higher Dimensional System explains to be the same source which delivered the original Tzolkin to the Maya and taught them how to master the 4th Dimension of Time. This vision validates the ancient Sacred Count of the Tzolkin and the Dreamspell Tzolkin as well, dissolving the “Time Wars” that have been created within the 4th Dimension of Time. This explains how the original Chilam Balams and the Dreamspell archetypes were able to access the next levels of Multidimensional Self by connecting with their own Prophetic Archetype in the 5th Dimension and linking with their Higher Archetype in the 6th Dimension of Oracle and Magic. In this way, they received Ancient Future Revelation and were able to bring the Future into the Present.

19:19 Crystal Matrix - The Sacred Meditation of the Ascended Masters
Gar Magusa – 19:19 Crystal Matrix – The Sacred Meditation of the Ascended Masters

Then, the Dimensional Shift of humankind becomes kind of simple to be explained from the 19 Matrix perspective, a Multidimensional Tool that, in the practice, could turn anyone into a modern Chilam Balam. Then, this visionary tool seems to have arrived in perfect timing, for when the New Earth is meant to start being populated by the so called New Humans that are actually the Prophets (5D) and Wizards (6D) of their own destiny. In the same way, the 19 Matrix also shows a next level to the traditional prophetic religions by giving the opportunity to their individuals to turn into their own archetypes of Buddha or Christ or Rumi or Shiva or Shakti, etc. A sublime confirmation of the activation of the Earth’s memory grids and the fact that we are all meant to be Divine.

Thus, the 19 Matrix aims to deliver a Multidimensional Universal Revelation which contributes substantially to the exercise of defining the concept of Ancient Future. From this perspective, it is possible to see the action of bringing Ancient Wisdom from the past to the present Future as a 3rd Dimensional vision of Ancient Future. On the other hand, it is possible to define a 4th Dimensional meaning with the concept of Ancient Future Prophecy, which explains the practice of the Mayan priests and Dreamspell founders in order to bring the prophecy from the Future to be lived in the Present and then recording it to the Past. Then, it is possible to define a multidimensional concept of Ancient Future Revelation to the fact of defining the 5th Dimension as the Prophetic one which accesses the 6th Dimension of Oracle in order to obtain such prophecy. In this way, the Prophecy and the Revelation aspects of Ancient Future merge into the final synthesis of Ancient Future Wisdom, the integral result of the multidimensional conceptualisation.

However, and since the 19 Matrix requires an understanding and practice of the 4th Dimension of Time, its message results easier to be understood by people that have been initiated into the Dreamspell Tzolkin. For the same reason, an Annex has been added to this study at the end of this writing, which considers interactions between the 19 Matrix and the Dreamspell in order to fully understand the multidimensional dynamics of the Ancient Future Revelation.

Conclusions: The Ancient Future Evolution of Multidimensional Consciousness

Ancient Future Evolution – Multidimensional Consciousness of Humankind

The aim of this study has been an exegesis of the notion of Ancient Future, as well as exploring its modern cultural meanings. It is possible to conclude that this term doesn’t seem to have been defined as a concept within the academic world, neither exists a theory for it. However, this essay has shown that this idea has been used by some authors to describe and synthesise certain aspects of cultural meanings related to two ancient civilisations, the Egyptian and the Mayan. On parallel, the New Age movement doesn’t seem to have openly defined it as a concept neither and, in the same way than the academic world, this phrase has been used as a descriptive adjective to support other conceptualisations.

It has also been shown that the use of the term Ancient Future as a descriptive adjective is the fact that brought its popular use within the New Age and Awakening movements, especially at the beginning of the 21st century. It has also been outlined that the phrase became popular as an understanding of the act of bringing wisdom and artistic elements from ancient civilisations to the oncoming future of modern times. It was also noted that this perception constituted a linear understanding of time as a cause and effect, being the cause the ancient past and the effect the futuristic present of modern days. Therefore, it was explained that this understanding sits within the frame of a third dimensional (3rd Dimensional) vision of Ancient Future since it doesn’t involve the dynamics of the fourth dimension of time (4th Dimension as defined by Carl Sagan). These dynamics were found to be necessary to explain the possible meanings of this concept since it is a compound of two words which intrinsically refer to time, on one hand, Ancient and on the other, Future.

In this way, the main exegesis of the concept Ancient Future within this writing has been based on the attributed meanings given by Edmonson to describe and summarise the prophetic practice of the Chilam Balam and other prophetic priests of the Maya Civilisation. Thus, the work of Edmonson constitutes the base of the Philosophical Theory behind this essay in order to define, for the first time, the notion of Ancient Future as a philosophical concept. And since both words, Ancient and Future, involve the factor of time and it is known that time belongs to the 4th Dimension, then it has been established that a proper definition of Ancient Future had to come from a multidimensional perspective.

With this in mind, it has been exposed that a multidimensional vision of Ancient Future was intrinsically manifested within the Maya Civilisation, more than in any other Ancient Civilisation, especially regarding the creation of the Sacred Tzolkin Calendar and the practices of the Prophetic Priests around it. A similar intrinsic meaning of Ancient Future was found in the modern works of Mayanism expressed in the Dreamspell Tzolkin and the Telektonon Prophecy of Pakal Votan, both presented by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles. It was established that they constituted indirect meanings because none of them openly defined their practices as Ancient Future.

However, thanks to applying the Multidimensional Theory delivered by the 19 Matrix, it was possible to do an exegesis of the concept of Ancient Future across multiple dimensions. This exercise brought an interesting timeline of the multidimensional evolution of human consciousness. On one hand, it was explained that a 3rd dimensional understanding of Ancient Future comes from a linear cause and effect reasoning of bringing the Ancient Wisdom to the future of now, applying cultural aspects from the ancient past into modern society. On the other hand, it was shown that the Maya had a 4th Dimensional vision to deal with the Future, the tradition of predicting it, then living it and then recording it. In this way, the Future was brought to their present to be recorded into the past. Therefore, it showed a dynamic practice of Ancient Future, expressed a circular continuous vision where the Past and the Future are part of a constant cycle with no beginning, no end, just as the vision of the Mesoamerican Feathered Serpent biting its tale.

But all of these was just an indirect meaning given to the notion of Ancient Future until the Multidimensional Theory of the 19 Matrix was applied. According to its light, there is Higher Dimensional Consciousness that actually comes from the Future in the shape of Future Self, which is a higher archetypal main source that injects into the 3rd Dimension and 4rd Dimension of the ancient past and the current present. Thus, the same Higher Dimensional System explains to be the source which delivered the Tzolkin to the Maya and taught them how to master the 4th Dimension of Time. Thus, they accessed the next levels of Multidimensional Self by connecting with their own Prophetic Archetype in the 5th Dimension and by linking from there to their Higher Archetype in the 6th Dimension of Oracle. In this way, the prophetic priests were able to access the Ancient Future Revelation in the 6th Dimension and bring this Future Prophecy to the present to be delivered to their people from a 5th Dimensional Archetype of Prophet.

Thus, the so called Dimensional Shift of Humankind becomes crystal clear if explained from the 19 Matrix perspective and the full understanding of the concept of Ancient Future happens to be inherent to this shift. Is this the secret of the Maya finally revealed? Is this the Quantum Leap of humankind?

The 19 Matrix defines itself as a multidimensional gift for humankind to help with this transformation. But it requires a mastery of the 4th Dimension of Time which could be accessed through certain spiritual paths, however, it seems to be well refined through the teachings of the Ancient Maya in the Sacred Tzolkin and/or through its modern adaptation into the Dreamspell Tzolkin. But according to the 19 Matrix, the mechanics of the 4th Dimension of Time still show to be limited because the seeker needs to be guided by an external 5th Dimensional Prophetic Archetype. In contrast, the 19 Matrix initiates the seeker into their own 5th Dimensional Prophet Archetype and links them to their own 6th Dimensional Self. Therefore, it is possible to establish the existence of a multidimensional timeline of the notion of Ancient Future towards the evolution of Multidimensional Consciousness of Humankind.  

In this sense, this philosophical essay maintains and defines Ancient Future as the product of a Multidimensional Universal Revelation of Future Being that injects Prophecy into the Present, which has been recorded by some Ancient Civilisations to be preserved in the form of Ancient Memory, and which can finally be brought into the Present by establishing a Time Tunnel with its Futuristic Origin. Thus, this Ancient Future Revelation manifests the Multidimensional Consciousness evolution for humankind in the form of a final synthesis of Ancient Future Wisdom. And because this definition acts under the dynamics of the 19 Matrix Multidimensional Law: “Lore Of Oracle and Prophecy”, defined as the LOOP, then the mystery of the Feathered Serpent biting its tale can finally be revealed. In this way, the Ancient Future Cosmology can be defined as the continuum infinite loop of the Cosmos which is reflected in Multidimensional Consciousness.

By Itzadragon – Galactic Dragonfly



ANNEX: Galactic Maya Ancient Future: The Dreamspell Journey and the Crystal Matrix Revelation

This essay has demonstrated that the 19 Matrix contains Ancient Future Revelation of Multidimensional Consciousness but it requires an understanding from the 4th Dimension of Time in order to be fully perceived. The 4th Dimension can be unveiled by studying the works of Carl Sagan about this subject, also by learning the dynamics of the original Tzolkin but, in special, by being a connoisseur of the Dreamspell Tzolkin. Because this work actually perfected the understanding of the 4th Dimension of Time like any other in human history.

So, for the Dreamspell initiate, it should result clear to perceive the Ancient Future Revelation that has been delivered by the 19 Matrix since it became public in 2013, because it has shown the most sophisticated synchronicity humans have ever seen or at least being aware of. Therefore, those revelations shouldn’t simply be ignored because they appeal to the Dreamspell initiated more than anyone else after 2012. It is only needed to apply Divine Synchronic Order and Receptivity to visualise how the Higher Dimensional System of the 19 Matrix proofs itself.

The Pyramid Hologram to 2012 & New Earth Synchronisation 

Pyramid Hologram – 19matrix.org
  • This is the result of the Prophecy of the Pyramid and the Cube, delivered by the 19 Matrix in 2013 and manifested as the Pyramid Hologram.
  • It is also the answer to the Riddle of the Cube and the Sphere left by King Pakal on each of his hands.
  • The Pyramid Hologram is the blue print of the 19 Matrix if represented in cubes.
  • 1330 cubes represent the number of years contained between Pakal’s Ascension in 683 AD until Galactic Synchronisation in 2013. Then, 2013 – 683 = 1330 Years / Cubes = The Pyramid Hologram.
  • The New Earth Synchronisation represents the perfect completion of Pakal’s Pyramid Hologram and the Seeding of the next 1330 Years Pyramid. This constitutes the 11:11:11 Cube of the New Earth Merkaba.
  • The predominant Ancient Future message from Pakal is that the 19:19 is the master frequency of the Archetypal Ascension of Higher Self Consciousness.
  • The Pyramid Hologram precisely and conclusively pinpoints the initiation of the Dimensional Shift to Galactic Synchronisation 2013.
  • The Dimensional Shift to 5D/6D Awareness is perfectly modelled within the 19 Matrix and the Pyramid Hologram.
  • This Dimensional Shift explained is the Answer to 2012.
  • Learn More: http://19matrix.org/introduction/pyramid-hologram

Day 241 Crystal Merkaba Activation: A Multidimensional Tunnel (Pakal and Valum)

Day 241 – Crystal Merkaba Activation – 19matrix.org
  • Day 241 is the inter-dimensional anchor of the 19 Matrix. It is the day its Crystal 1 and Crystal 2 meet to become One.
  • It is the day when Crystal 1 (5D Self / Prophet within) enters the Sacred 11:11 Inner Matrix, the domain of the 6th Dimensional Self (6D Self / Wizard within).
  • This process is modelled majestically in the 19 Matrix through the 6D construction of two Base 8 Tetrahedrons of 120 steps each.
  • Day 241 is the day when these two 6D Tetrahedral containers begin to merge to start forming the Merkaba of Higher Self.
  • Day 241 is understood as the inter-dimensional anchor of the 19 Matrix, because Pakal Votan was born on Day 241 of the 19 Matrix, March 23rd, 603 AD, and Jose Arguelles (Valum Votan) ascended on Day 241 of the 19 Matrix, March 23rd, 2011.
  • Each of these Ancient Future prophets of 4th Dimensional Time emanated perfectly synchronised within the 19 Matrix on its Day 241. Their birth and ascension were bound within the Lore of Oracle and Prophecy, the LOOP of the 19 Matrix, which is Multidimensional Consciousness.
  • Lear more: http://19matrix.org/sacred-meditation/day-241

The Ancient Future Return of King Pakal Votan

Ancient Future Return of Pakal Votan

Probably one of the most cryptic prophecies from the Ancient Maya world has been the one concerning to the Future Return of King Pakal. This prophecy comes from a series of Maya Long Count dates written in stone in Palenque, which correlate the accession of Pakal to the throne in 615 AD to his future return in 4772 AD, which is 80 calendar rounds later. Jose Arguelles, acting as Valum Votan 5th Dimensional Prophet Archetype wrote plenty of insights and interpretations of this prophecy across his work.

  • Once again, the 19 Matrix confirms itself by exposing abundant light to this cryptic deciphering and its implications for humankind evolution.
  • One one hand, Kin 81 from the Galatic Maya blog, has recently released a decoding bringing new insights to this prophecy and its correlations to the 19 Matrix. In the words of G8Ix, Gar Magusa, the author of the 19 Matrix, this decoding can be summarised in this way: “Kin 81 demonstrates that the 80 calendar rounds of this prophecy are embed into the 80 unit outer circuit of the Synchrotron 21 x 21 matrix of Valum Votan. Upon completing the 80 “outer units”, and entering the 81st calendar round, Pakal Votan enters the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid Hologram on the 81st Calendar Round, Synchrotron BMU 081, which relates to PHU (Pyramid Hologram Unit) 1 of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. The Return of Pakal in, is in fact a synthesis of the matrix systems presented by myself and Valum. This hypothesis models Votan’s entry into the 19:19 Crystal Matrix Pyramid Hologram.” Learn more about this majestic decoding in the original blog by Kin 81 here: https://galacticmaya.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/solar-galactic-synchronization-2753/
  • G8ix (Gar Magusa) continues this decoding in another blog right after this one, sustaining that: “The prophesied return date of Pakal Votan, the day that Pakal enters the 81st Calendar Round of the Prophecy and enters the 19 Matrix Pyramid Hologram is the same day that I released the 19:19 Crystal Matrix… If you take the time to study the prophetic wisdom condensed in the “Zuvuyan” circuit demonstrated in the decodings above, you will then understand that Dreamspell kin 46, White Resonant Worldbridger, the Day Votan enters the Pyramid Hologram, is the same kin that I released the 19:19 Crystal Matrix as the first blog of this website.” Learn more in the original blog: https://galacticwizard34.com/2016/10/22/the-journey-back-to-square-1-part-1/
  • Conclusion: The Ancient Future Return of Pakal Votan is modelled from Synchrotron BMU 081 towards Cube 1 of the 19 Matrix Pyramid Hologram and it was replicated in the reverberations of Time Travel in the same kin day that the 19 Matrix was publicly presented to the world, which was Kin 46, White Resonant Worldbridger. These new insights to this prophecy came out on the same kin day but under the Spectral Storm year, which is precisely same kin and same year for the prophecy to be fulfilled on October 21, 4772 AD. Mind blowing Zuvuyan circuit of Ancient Future Revelation demonstrated in the codes.

According to these three aspects of the 19 Matrix that have been exposed, it is possible to conclude with the following facts:

  • The 19 Matrix is an Ancient Future Revelation which comes from Higher Multidimensional Consciousness. It came from the Future to inject revelation to the Ancient Maya and many other ancient civilisations, however, the Maya were more Receptive and mastered the 4th Dimension of Time. It also came from the Future to inject revelation to the Maya Tzolkin and consequently to the modern reverberation of the Dreamspell Tzolkin.
  • It constituted the answer to 2012 and the continuity of the Dreamspell Journey to 2013 because it proved the Dimensional Shift with its public appearance in synchronicity with the prophesied Timeship Earth 2013 and Galactic Synchronisation 2013. It manifested the Pyramid Hologram, condensing a telepathic message from Pakal that the New Earth Synchronisation represented the perfect completion of his Pyramid Hologram and the Seeding of the next 1330 Years Pyramid. This constitutes the 11:11:11 Cube of the New Earth Merkaba which is the Timeship Earth 2013. The message from Pakal is that the 19:19 is the master frequency of the Archetypal Ascension of Higher Self Consciousness and the Dimensional Shift to Galactic Synchronisation 2013.
  • The Crystal Merkaba Activation of the 19 Matrix on its Day 241 proves to be the sacred tool to master the human capabilities to shift from the 4th Dimension to the 5th and 6th Dimensions. It confirms the archetypal connection between Pakal and Valum on its Day 241, were the Two become One. It is actually the first philosophical corpus that openly defines the 5th Dimension as Prophecy and the 6th Dimension as Oracle and Magic.
  • It has recently proved to be the next level to the 441 Synchrotron Matrix, showing the route of Pakal Votan from Synchrotron BMU 81 to Cube 1 of the 19 Matrix in order to start the construction of the Pyramid Hologram and the telepathic message to the Future, a sequence that would conclude with the fulfilling of the Prophecy of the Return of Pakal Votan.   
  • The Ancient Future Revelation of the 19 Matrix is defined in the Lore of Oracle and Prophecy, which is the LOOP of Multidimensional Consciousness.
  • The Dimensional Shift is from Time Consciousness to Higher Self Consciousness.
  • There is much more, but it requires to be studied further by the Dreamspell initiate.
Awaken Your Crystal Archetype – 19matrix.org

Dispelling the Shadows: Receptivity & Divine Synchronic Order

For all the reasons exposed, the 19 Matrix is a Higher Dimensional System that cannot be simply ignored by the Dreamspell initiate. According to the dictionary, the word ignore means “to refuse to take notice of (acknowledge), to disregard intentionally or to fail to consider something significant.” The word ignore is intrinsically connected to the word ignorance which is defined as “the lack of knowledge or information” or simply “unconsciousness.” Then, the logic says that ignorance is the the fruit of ignoring something significant, in other words, ignorance is the fruit of unconsciousness. And to counteract ignorance, it is inspirational to read the wise words of a relevant Ancient Future Prophet of the modern times, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the number 14th Dalai Lama, also kin number 14 in the Dreamspell, Magnetic White Wizard who stated: “Light symbolises the Wisdom of the Buddha, which dispels the darkness of avidya (ignorance) and shines without discrimination on all sentient beings. May all sentient beings be illuminated by the Light of Wisdom. May all sentient beings dispel the darkness of avidya (ignorance) by the Light of Wisdom…

Jose Arguelles would explain a similar Buddhist meaning to the word ignorance in his Arcturus Probe: “I am Merlyn. Maldek is my Domain. I am the ancient “one and the many” who transmits the knowledge of time-sharing to those of you of the third world, called Earth. This I know and can now tell you: the time wars have reached their climax. There is no evil but the projection of the shadow cast by ignorance.” So it seems that the clue to resolving the Cosmic Joke Test of Timeship Earth 2013 is, precisely, to dissolve ignorance. According to the light of the 19 Matrix, these words from Jose come from his 5th Dimensional Prophet Archetype of Valum Votan, fully connected the 6th Dimensional Archetype of Merlin, a connection which according to the 19 Matrix encoded the most relevant work of Valum within the Ancient Future Revelation

So how can humans dissolve ignorance to attain Ancient Future Revelation and access Multidimensional Consciousness? The same Timeless Galactic Wizard 34, who is behind the 19 Matrix, has defined it brilliantly: “Remember, Receptivity is the Antipode of Ignorance. Become the Light you wish to see in the World.” Antipode can also be seen as an antidote for ignorance, and the act of being receptive as the magic potion gift from Merlin, the Potion of Receptivity that humans could accept in order to dissolve the “shadow cast of ignorance” stated by Valum. It is also known that Receptivity has been defined as a feminine attribute within human cultural meanings. It also explains why the noble attribute of Receptivity was given to the ancient Maya glyph of Ix (Wizard) by the co-creators of the Dreamspell. They also set the same Wizard to show the continuity of the Dreamspell Journey to 2013, for the ones that are able to see that the Alpha Point of the Dreamspell was Kin 34 and the Omega Point of the Journey to 2013 was also Kin 34 delivering the 19 Matrix. They also established in the Earth Wizards Seminary (Pikarkin, Chile) their desire for all the Earth to be populated by “the new race of Galactic Earth Wizards” and for every Kin to aspire to be one of those.

Therefore, after 2012, becoming a New Earth Wizard means to become Receptive to the Divine Synchronic Order in order to be able to Dissolve Ignorance. It is also interesting to note that the last Dreamspell Planetary Wizard Year was all about manifesting this Receptivity and fulfil the homework left by the co-creators of the Dreamspell, in this case, the receptivity to the sacred tool delivered by Merlin which is the 19 Matrix. Now, the message is clearer with the Dreamspell Spectral Storm Year Kin 219, or 2 times 19, 19:19, under the harmonic of the Crystal Matrix of Cooperation. It is also the same mystical year, Kin 219 (19:19) that will host the Ancient Future Return of Pakal Votan , the prophet who transmitted the Pyramid Hologram.

Some Planetary Kin have been actually receptive to the gift, but others have openly chosen to stay cast by the shadows of ignorance, this is precisely the difference between a Dreasmpell initiate versus a Dreamspell socialite. Fair enough, it is all about free will in the road of human consciousness, and consciousness itself has various levels within, from very basic to advanced level. However, the New Earth Wizard behind the reception of this transmission has already stated: “The gift can be given once, twice but not thrice”, which means the 19 Matrix will continue reverberating across the revival of Ancient Wisdom because it is actually a Universal Revelation. And as the many Prophets, Ascended Masters and Earth Wizards had shown throughout history, when humans reach a higher level of consciousness, they certainly attain Illumination. Thus, Illumination translates to Multidimensional Consciousness. Amen.

Anam Cara – In Lak’ech – Namaste

Itzadragon – Kin 21

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