The Prophecy of The Pyramid and The Cube Part 4 : The Infra-cube

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The plot thickens. K138 White Galactic Mirror.  v16.1

If you arriving here for the first time and are interested in this series I suggest you to read the first 3 parts to get a good understanding of the numbers and sequences involved in this study.

Part 1 : The Pyramid

Part 2 : The Tube

Part 3 : The Cube

Welcome to another instalment of the The Prophecy of the Pyramid and the Cube, the series I originally released back in 2014 as I discovered the Pyramid Hologram of Pakal.

The Pyramid Hologram of Pakal is a telepathic stream embed within a 9 levelled pyramid of cubes constructed over the time between Pakals Ascension in the year 683, and Galactic Synchronization in 2013. It models the ascension process of Votan, the “twin” archetypal stream of Pakal and Valum Votan.

In the last chapter of this series The Cube, we saw…

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