A profound vision of the Feathered Serpent, the mythical archetype of Ancient Mesoamerica embodied by Pakal the Great, the legendary Maya King of Lakamha’ (Great Waters, Palenque). A significant revelation embedded within the centre of the Sacred Count of the Tzolkin, 13 Ok, Dreamspell Kin 130, Harmonic 33, and what I have defined as the “Mystical Centre of 33”. This essay unveils how King Pakal entered this mystical portal to transcend as Cosmic Love, representing the Love Story of the Eagle and the Serpent inside the Tzolkin, a mythical re-creation of the Birth of Kukulkan and the mystery of the Mayan Dragon. Thus, King Pakal confirms an inter-dimensional axis where the Classic Maya Tzolkin and the Dreamspell Maya Tzolkin actually synchronise.

The Cosmic Love of the Feathered Serpent (Teotihuacan, Temple of the Feathered Serpent)

Eagle and Serpent: A Synchronic Duality 

It has been well established by Maya scholars that the “Feathered Serpent” was a prominent supernatural deity found in most of the Ancient Mesoamerican Civilisations and that the double symbolism of its name reflects its “dual” nature. It is also well known that this type of dualism was quite common within the Mesoamerican deities. In the case of the Feathered Serpent, the logic says that its dualism obviously comes from the Eagle and the Serpent. 

On a personal level, there have been some profound connections with Eagle and Serpent within the Classic Maya Tzolkin and Dreamspell Tzolkin. Such correlations have shown to be relevant to sustain the nature of this transmission, especially considering that it all was received under the influences of the Resonant Storm Year 2012 and the beginning of the Galactic Seed Year, July 2013. 

  • 3 Eagle: It is the combination of the Galactic Signatures of my husband and me  (Galactic 8 Wizard, Kin 34 + Galactic 8 Dragon, Kin 21 = Kin 55, 3 Eagle). It is also the same Kin of the Harmonic Convergence invoked by Valum Votan and Bolon Ik in 1987. Synchronically, I also met my husband on a 3 Eagle day back in 2004.  
  • 3 Serpent: This Kin was the combination of the Dreamspell Solar Cycles (Galactic Spins) of my husband and me, during the mystic Resonant Storm Year. Our rotations were 4 Moon, Kin 69 + 12 Warrior, Kin 116 = Kin 185, 3 Serpent.
  • 3 Serpent: This Kin was also the result of personal combinations. First, between the rotations of my Classic Maya Tzolkin and Dreamspell under the Resonant Storm Year (4 Muluk/Moon Kin 69 + 12 Warrior Kin 116 = 3 Chicchan / 3 Serpent ).
  • 3 Serpent: A second personal combination under the new Galactic Seed Year (8 Dragon Kin 21 + 8 Seed Year Kin 164 = Kin 185, 3 Serpent).

Thus, it is feasible to sustain that when we embody such a profound synchronicity within the Sacred Tzolkin, and we are fully conscious of it; then we are all entitled to receive special revelations through the Divine Synchronic Order. Therefore, it was obviously impossible to ignore those personal correlations pointing to a double-headed Serpent, which added up to the other 3 Serpent from the combination with my husband; it all resulted in a total of 3 Serpents of Tone 3, in other words, unveiling the Number 33.

In this way, all of the synchronic combinations related to Electric Eagle and Electric Serpent brought this understanding about the archetype of Pakal the Great:

  • 3 Men (Eagle) Kin 55 is the Tone 3 of Pakal’s wavespell decoded in the Classic Maya Tzolkin, born an 8 Ajaw (8 Galactic Sun). 
  • 3 Serpent Kin 185 is the Tone 3 of Pakal’s wavespell but decoded in the Dreamspell, born an 8 Galactic Dog (Galactic Love).
  • Therefore, Pakal shows through his two (2) Service Tones (3) a strong connection with the Eagle and the Serpent and also with Number 33.
Dreamspell Tzolkin Matrix

A profound confirmation came immediately from the centre of the  Sacred Count of the Tzolkin, which was aligned by Tony Shearer in what we know today as the Dreamspell Tzolkin Matrix of 13:20. The centre, Kin 130, Cosmic Love (Dog), combined with one each of the Kins 3 Eagle and 3 Serpent, reflects each other like an Endless Mirror of Mystery.

  • 3 Eagle Kin 55 + Kin 130 = 3 Serpent
  • 3 Serpent Kin 185 + Kin 130 = 3 Eagle

Therefore, the Eagle becomes the Serpent and the Serpent becomes the Eagle, an infinite reflection of each other. And so on, if we move to Kin 131 (1 Monkey) and carry on combining both wavespells. An exercise that mirrors both wavespells of Pakal (Classic Tzolkin and Dreamspell) and it also confirms the Dreamspell Wizard’s Count.

This inter-dimensional point at the centre of the Dreamspell Tzolkin, Kin 130, is also under the Dreamspell Harmonic 33. The same Mystical Centre of 33 is mirrored in the Rune 33 of Gar, which sits at the centre of 19:19 Crystal Matrix and also at the centre of the AlphaO’Matrix of 9×9 (see below).

Thus, it becomes clear the reason why Kin 130, the “Cosmic Love”, was set under the Harmonic 33 by the co-creators of Dreamspell, Valum Votan and Bolon Ik. This is because 130 represents the centre of the Harmonic 33, a number which is also the combination of their Master Numbers: 11 + 22 = 33

The Cosmic Love Birth of Kukulkan

The Cosmic Love Birth of Kukulkan (Chichen Itza)

During the same Resonant Storm Year, I clearly understood that the cross between the Eagle and the Serpent, which results in the Feathered Serpent; it is also the basis of the hybrid mythic animal known as Dragon. Basically, a serpent with eagle wings, eagle feathers and eagle legs is, evidently, a Dragon. Thus, the Feathered Serpent represents the Mesoamerican Dragon Archetype, which name is Kukulkan for the Maya and Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs. Therefore, the Mesoamerican Deity is not a serpent or an eagle anymore, but a Serpent with Vision, which is the basis of the Mayan Dragon Kukulkan.   

In such a way, if we envision the central point of the Tzolkin (Kin 130, Cosmic Love, Harmonic 33) acting in combination with both sacred animals, Eagle and Serpent; then it is possible to perceive that the reflection between both animals is, precisely, the Love Story which actually births the Mystery of Kukulkan within the Tzolkin.

Furthermore, the same revelation not only shows in the reflection of the two wavespells of Pakal but also during his Ascension.

1 Etznab – Flint – Mirror – Ascension Code of King Pakal

Ascension Code of Pakal the Great:

  • Born an 8 Ajaw. Ascended on 6 Etznab. 
  • 8 Ajaw + 6 Etznab = 1 Etznab

Then, 1 Etznab or 1 Mirror (Kin 118) is the Ascension Code of Pakal, the combination between his Alpha and Omega points of Life and Death. Precisely, the wavespell of the Mirror transcends on Kin 130, Cosmic Love, the Mystical Centre of 33. Therefore, Pakal ascended by entering the Alpha 1 Mirror, to be able to transcend as Omega 13 Cosmic Love in the centre of the Dreamspell Tzolkin (Harmonic 33). 

And if we complement this vision with the fact that the Mystical Centre of the Tzolkin reflects the two wavespells of Pakal on the Tone 3 of his archetypal totem animals, Eagle and Serpent; then we can certainly witness the recreation of the Birth of Kukulkan, the Feathered Serpent, the Mayan Dragon. Thus, the Sacred Tzolkin unveils a sublime and multidimensional representation of the Cosmic Love between the Eagle and the Serpent Archetypes of Service.

Moreover, the Divine Synchronic Order brought another profound personal confirmation. It came through our little daughter Rhythmic 6 Mirror (Eztnab) Kin 58, the same kin of the Ascension Day (Omega Point) of Pakal the Great. Last year, on a visit to Chichen Itza on Dreamspell Kin 9, which is also her Classic Maya Tzolkin as 9 Muluk, she was living her 9th year of life (9th level). She accidentally broke a glass pyramid in our hotel room, causing that two little pieces of the crystal glass were incrusted, each one in each of her toes. She didn’t notice or felt them until later on, by the time we were walking from the Temple of Kukulkan to the main Cenote. Then, we realised about her two toes slightly bleeding, so we returned to the hotel… According to the Dreamspell’s Human Holon, the two toes precisely represent the Eagle and the Serpent. Therefore, the Galactic Maya revelation was activated because of her Kin 58 and the connection with Pakal’s Omega point. But it was also because of the synchronicity of visiting Chichen Itza during her 9th year of life, on a day Kin 9 which is her Classic Maya Tzolkin as 9 Muluk, plus the fact that number 9 encodes the perfect Mayan Pyramid of 9 levels. Therefore, this clear sign from the Mayan Dragon Kukulkan Archetype was meant to be manifested in Chichen Itza in order to bring a deeper understanding to this whole revelation. 

The Mystical Centre of 33 

Pakal’s Sarcophagus Lid – The Mystical Centre of Number 33

It has been shown how Pakal entered the Mystical Centre of 33 in two clear ways:

  • By reflecting his 2 Tones of Service (3 Men/Eagle and 3 Serpent) in the Centre of the Dreamspell Tzokin, Kin 130, Harmonic 33.
  • By ascending with the code of 1 Etznab (Kin 118), the result of his Alpha and Omega points of Life and Death (8 Ajaw + 6 Etznab), a Kin which precisely opens the wavespell that transcends on Kin 130, Cosmic Love, Harmonic 33.

Thus, this meaningful connection of Pakal with number 33, in order to manifest the Birth of Kukulkan through the Cosmic Love of the Eagle and Serpent, has a remarkable parallel with the 5th Dimensional Archetype of Christ, who passed away during his 33rd year of life. The mystical significance of Number 33 is also an ancient cosmological transmission within the Jewish Mysticism.

In this way, Pakal embodies the Archetype of Christ within the Galactic Maya Transmission. And regarding this Christic parallel, Aaron Kin 081 has written a brilliant essay, including solid archaeological and numerical evidence that confirms elegantly the Christic Archetype of Pakal. (See Part 3 of the Solar Moon Report by kin 081 https://galacticmaya.wordpress.com).

As mentioned, the Mystical Centre of 33 also corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon Futhark Rune of Gar 33, the Master Number Rune. This explains why Rune Gar 33 (centre image below) sits at the centre of the 19:19 Crystal Matrix (left image). The Mystical Centre of the 19 Matrix, the Gar Rune 33 expanded, results in the AlphaO’Matrix or Merlin’s Chess of 9×9, which also contains Number 33 on its centre (right image). The latter Matrix of 9×9 was recently made public by Gar Magusa (Galactic Wizard 34) at the end of this blog, even so, it was actually received in 2003. See https://galacticwizard34.com/2016/03/29/merlins-invocation-of-self-part-3/

19matrixProfile  gar  AlphaOMatrix

At the moment of finishing this writing, Galactic Wizard 34 (Gar Magusa), which Tube of Origin is also 33 (Kin 33), has just released the all-new 33×33 Hyper Matrix, called the “Original Matrix of Gar 33:33”, coded OMG33. This Ancient Future Matrix brings the importance of 33 to a higher level and, once again, the Rune 33 sits at the centre. Synchronically, this Matrix of 33×33 was received and released on Kin 130, Dreamspell Harmonic 33, Mystical Centre of 33, Cosmic Love Day of the Planetary Wizard Year. See: https://galacticwizard34.com/2016/04/28/original-matrix-of-gar-33-33/


OMG 33 Matrix
The Original Matrix of Gar 33:33 coded OMG33 received by Gar Magusa via the 19 Matrix.


It is also well-known that the Master Numbers of the Dreamspell add up to 33 (Valum 11 + Bolon Ik 22) so they also sit at the centre of the Dreamspell Tzolkin. Nevertheless, for some unknown reason, the Synchronotron didn’t include the centre of 33, which would have been logic. Probably this was because by the time of its creation, existed a separation between 11 and 22, therefore 33 couldn’t be actually manifested as a central master number. However, the Synchronotron has the Magus of the Infinitus at the centre and, according to the light coming from the 19 Matrix, the “Magus” is precisely represented by the Rune 33 of Gar. Thus, the Original Matrix of OMG33 contains the fusion of multidimensional matrices since the Planetary Dimensional Shift.

Finally, it is pertinent to briefly complement this transmission with other ancient connections with Number 33. There are 33 deities and also 33 names of God in the Vedic Religion and the Islamic Religion consecutively. Nevertheless, the importance of this number is deeper within the Jewish Mysticism, being 33 the numerical representation of the Star of David, the Merkaba, and also the numerical equivalent of the word AMEN: 1+13+5+14 = 33. More about Number 33: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/33_(number)

Under the light exposed, the Mystical Centre of 33 is the Cosmic Love Revelation, which beautifully unveils in the centre of the Tzolkin. Also, Christ offered his highest sacrifice of Love at the age of 33, which was meant to be in order to manifest the Star of David Merkaba (33). As it has been shown, Pakal the Great also entered the Mystical Centre of 33 in order to transcend as Cosmic Love. In fact, he seems to be majestically presented in sacrifice on his sarcophagus lid. He also reveals the Love Story of the Eagle and the Serpent within the Tzolkin, the mythical re-creation of the Birth of Kukulkan, the mystery of the Mayan Dragon. By doing so, his universal telepathic transmission confirms an inter-dimensional axis where the Classic Tzolkin and the Dreamspell Tzolkin actually synchronise. 

AMEN 33 – Anam Cara – In Lak’ech – Namaste

By Itzadragon – Kin 21 – Galactic Dragonfly

Note: This Galactic Maya understanding was received by Itzadragon (Galactic Dragon Kin 21, Classic Tzolkin 2 Akbal), back in 2012-2013, under the influence of the Blue Resonant Storm Year and the beginning of the Galactic Seed Year. Due to a chain of relevant synchronic events during the Planetary Wizard Year, starting on Kin 121, the frequency of the Dreamspell Tzolkin Mystical Column, I was inspired to share this personal revelation with the community.

Written & Completed: During the Mystical Column of the Dreamspell Tzolkin (121-133) of the Planetary Wizard Year 2016.

Published in: Dreamspell Kin 133.  Classic Maya Tzolkin 9 Manik.L.C. 19:19 Day 281 { v15.15 }. Gregorian 1st of May 2016.

2017 Update! The natural evolution of this transmission is manifested in this Video Production I did for the 19:19 Crystal Matrix. The Pyramid Hologram of Pakal the Great is the Cosmic Love of the Feathered Serpent and the Archetypal Ascension of 2012-2013.

Much Gratitude for tuning in and sharing this information ((( ♥ )))

© Itzadragon Itzadragon.Wordpress.com, 2014-2017. 


11 thoughts on “Pakal the Great within the Mystical Centre of 33: The Cosmic Love of the Feathered Serpent

  1. Greetings,

    Your writings are insightful and inspiring.
    With the intention of making conscious what was unconscious.
    For the greater good of all.

    What’s in a NAME?
    It is ILLEGAL to us the LEGAL name.




    What is the biggest “Fib” of all?
    The “Fib-of-no’chi”



    Thanks for all that you do.


    1. Thanks for your words and the information shared…
      We definitely resonate with Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life and the Fibonacci Sequence. Actually, our Dreamspell kins are embedded in 5 & 8 (our daughter 58), then 8 (our galactic tones) then 21, 34, 55 that are our personal numbers 21 & 34 plus our combination 55.
      So yes, all in synch, all beautiful… Blessings x


  2. Having resonated with galactic wizards information in the past , so enjoyed reading this as it reflects and resonates perfectly as to the information shown / experienced by my self .. Confirmation in number and form , just as I was laying in bed early morning dreamspell pondering and download , and was inspired to pick up my phone , have to say surprised as your WordPress was already open on the screen !
    Just accepting that as is … Never do I doubt 😉
    Thankyou it is so well written .
    ” in synch ‘ and ‘ In Lak’ech


  3. Hello Itzadragon, I appreciate your following my blog, and hope you will continue to enjoy my posts about ancient Maya culture and civilization. Although I use a more traditional approach to the Maya calendar, I have studied Dreamspell a little and find the work of interest. I’m going to follow your blog to keep informed. Thanks, Leonice


    1. Thank you so much Leonide, I feel totally honoured coming from you! ❤ I Love your vision regarding the Sacred Feminine Mystery in Nah Chan, I believe it encodes a beautiful revelation for the times we live and the re-awakening of the Feminine qualities of humanity and Divinity. I work with many counts and I have found beautiful synchronicities between the Classic Maya and the Dreamspell Maya. I also believe in the Peace of both and the Galactic Maya Consciousness as the last civilisation encoding a message for us Here & Now. Much Love & Respect ❤ In Lak'ech – Itza 2 Akbal (8 Imix)


  4. Reblogged this on Tortuga1320 – Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik and commented:
    (English) Blessings of Kin 130 at the Center of the Tzolkin! ❤ Sharing this blog by Itzadragon. A profound vision of the Feathered Serpent, embodied by Pakal the Great within the centee of the Sacred Count of the Tzolkin, Kin 130, Harmonic 33. The Love Story of the Eagle and the Serpent inside the Tzolkin, a mythical re-creation of the Birth of Kukulkan and the mystery of the Mayan Dragon.
    Versión en Español: https://itzadragon21.wordpress.com/2017/09/30/pakal-centro-mistico-33-amor-cosmico-serpiente-emplumada/
    In Lak'ech


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