Merlins Invocation of Self Part 3

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19 Matrix - Multidimensional Timeline of Humankind
19 Matrix – Multidimensional Timeline of Humankind


“…Bind the angels for seventy generations in the valleys of the earth, until the day of their judgement and consummation. Enoch 10:12

In this edition I am going to pull upon the threads of Merlins Invocation of Self to further decipher the prophetic-messianic complex of the ascended masters of our times, demonstrating how this 5D-6D shift has been impregnated into the cultural timeline and theological psyche of humanity, time and time again.

Lets Define a Generation

Before going further we should define a generation. I’m not talking about the sixties or nineties. I’m talking about a frequency in nature that is undeniably obvious and pure.

How long is a generation ? 30 years ? 70 years ?

Fact. It takes 19 years for the Lunar cycle to re-synchronise with the Solar cycle. The Metonic cycle of 19 years was understood by many of the ancient Earth tribes and is our most recognised standard of measuring time. The 19 year…

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