A symbolic part of the Galactic Maya Tribe is missing and grieving the “universal assistant”, Baba D Tanka, who recently passed away on the past 31st May 2014 AD. The global family misses the Rainbow Child, the intuitive (feminine) readings of the Dreamspell; but especially the inspirational activation towards allowing the self to ascend their own archetypes, the connection with the source of being in the highest dimensions of the sacred hologram: the Hunab Ku. If on 3D life, Baba D was a proper legend, on his Ascension he has certainly entered the domain of the myth, showing multiple magical signs and synchronicities, reawakening and reconnecting the tribe to the source of Love, flowering not only in the hearts of the ones who met him but also in the hearts of the ones who heard about him. By now, no one doubts he is the Galactic Maya Baba, and through his passing, there are clear messages that have been revealed.

The sacred Merkaba activation for the healing and New Creation of Earth is manifesting. Baba’s signs are showing that the Rainbow Warriors that have passed are not sleeping but have born into superior dimensions, actually channeling the transcendent mission from Heaven. The ones who still have the 3D shape on Earth are recalled to live intensely the Here and Now, serving as channels for the Divine Purpose to bring Heaven to Earth, dreamers and believers to witness the power and miracles of the New Humankind. The human cellular memory is remembering the universal wisdom beyond nations, cultures, skin colour or religions; remembering the prophecies of humanity’s ancestors, the wisdom from the ancient pagan tribes, from the times humans just walked in harmony with the natural cycles, from the times we honoured Earth…


Seeding the New Earth: Clear Prophecy Signs from the Birth and Passing of Galactic Maya Baba

Galactic Maya Baba has left clear signs around his birth and passing away process, including multiple synchronicities in both counts: Mayan Dreamspell and Classic Maya. Here is a summary of the aligned synchronic events I have been inspired to record acting as Kin 221, Cosmic Dragon, my current Solar Cycle Dreamspell Kin, the 13th tone under the mystical wavespell of the 9 (Moon), the wavespell Baba chose for his passing process and last encrypted messages. This writing is my humble memorial to a truly Galactic Elder, being published on same Kin 221 with the purpose to unveil the coded messages behind an authentic Rainbow Warrior and inspire the return to the sacred walk.

For more information about Baba D Tanka’s full work, please go to “Legacy of the Galactic Maya Baba” at the end of this writing, *(See Reference 1).

1. Alpha – The Birth Signs

Baba D Tanka was born on the 23rd of March of 1963

  • Long Count Date:
  • 13 Moon Calendar: Moon 9, day: 17
  • Dreamspell: Kin 249, Lunar Moon (Moon 2) guided by 41 (Dragon 2)
  • Mayan Tzolkin: Kin 189, 7 Muluk (Moon 7) guided by 241 (Dragon 7)
  • A “rare” synchronicity to have being born the same Solar Seal number 9 in the 2 Tzolkin counts (Mayan Dreamspell & Classic Maya)

Date of Birth Synchronicities: 23rd March

  • 23rd March 603 AD: Birth of King Pakal (Pacal Votan, Father of the Galactic Maya).
  • 23rd March 2011: Death of José Arguelles, Valum Votan (Father of the Mayan Dreamspell)
  • 23rd of March is also a date inside the frame 20-23rd March which shows, every year, the sign of the “Feathered Serpent” descending the stairways of Kukulkan’s Pyramid at Chichen Itza during the Spring Equinox in the North Hemisphere.
  • 23rd of March is also the same date that synchs, every year, with day 241 in the “19:19 Crystal Matrix” received by Galactic Wizard 34, a close spiritual friend of Baba. On that day, Crystal 1 and Crystal 2 meet in coordinate number 241 (2 for 1) to walk together since then to the apex and completion of 19:19 sequence represented by the 9th level pyramid. *(See Reference 2)

Correlations with Number 9, Lord of 9 and his Temple of Inscriptions

Galactic Maya Baba shows clear signs on his birth regarding number 9, establishing a direct connection between him and Lord of 9, King Pakal of Palenque, the architect behind the perfection of the prophecy of time manifested on his 9th level pyramid.  On his own words, Baba D said: “The 9 is the key that opens the manifestation of the Greatest Cycles of the 9th Dimension, which is the Solar mobilisation…” (Baba D, Teaching 06, “17 Chakra Meditation”, Reference 1)

Number 9 Birth Signs:

  • Long Count Date: (notice the power of the numbers 12, 1, 7 or 17 and the Triple 9, which is a Triple God sign based on number 9)
  • Born on the Moon 9, day: 17 of the 13 Moon Calendar (born on the 9th Moon of the 13 Moons, on day 17, same number 17 also showing in the Long Count)
  • Born a Lunar Moon (Moon 2) in the Dreamspell Count (Born to be Solar Seal number 9)
  • Born a 7 Muluk (Moon) in the Classic Count (Born Moon/Muluk, again Seal number 9)

It looks like the Classic Long Count and the 13 Moon Calendar are showing a “secret code” concerning number 9 and the reincarnation of a Triple God archetype with the termination 9.9.9 which actually manifests in the 2 Solar Seals of Baba in evident correlation between both counts, alongside the Moon 9 of the 13 Moons. Also the 2 tones of his both Kins, 7 and 2, add up to 9. Then, it is possible to interpret the encrypted message on this way:

“A Triple Moon archetype reincarnates on the 12.17.999, on the 9th Moon of the 13 Moons, to be born a Double Solar Seal number 9 in both Tzolkin Counts. He will carry the mission of the Triple Moon, the Banner of Peace”.

Furthermore, there are deep correlations between 7 Muluk (Baba’s Traditional Birth Kin), The Temple of Inscriptions and King Pakal. It is well known, amongst Mayan scholars, that the Temple of Inscriptions (Lord Pakal’s tomb and pyramid) has 69 steps. Aaron Woolrich did an outstanding research regarding Pakal’s sarcophagus lid and the 69 stairway of the temple. He also recorded the sequence of consecutive segments of steps between intervals (platforms), being from base to apex: 9, 19, 19, 13, 9 = 69 steps. *(See Reference 3). On parallel, Galactic Wizard 34 interpreted this frequency as a Long Count numeric: The Long Count date corresponds to 7 Muluk. On the same way, 34 found that the Dreamspell Count for Pakal´s Birthday, 23March 603 AD, links to 7 Muluk too. *(See Reference 4). Then, on one side, the 69 steps can be associated to 4 Muluk (Kin 69); but on the other side, the intervals of frequencies being red as a Long Count date link to 7 Muluk. Consequently, Pakal and Baba are not only in synch by the same date of birth, 23rd of March, but also aligned by the same kin 7 Muluk. Baba is a 7 Muluk in the Classic Count while Pakal is a 7 Muluk in the Dreamspell Count. Such a magical infinite loop!

Connections with the Sacred Crystal and the Power of 19

It is indeed a “rare” synchronicity to have been born on the same Solar Seal number 9 (Moon/Muluk) in both Mayan Tzolkin counts. The double 9th Solar Seal also shows in Baba’s own work with the 9×9 Matrix, which he called “Flower Power Synchrometer”. *(See Reference 1). On a deeper lecture, the double 9th Solar Seal can also be read as “twice a nine” or 2×9 = 18, then 18 plus 1 (centre of self) = 19. As acknowledged by Galactic Wizard 34, the number 19 is a sacred number present in the double terminated quartz crystal which shows 6 faces on its body (1) and same 6 faces on each of its two ends(2): 6×3 = 18 again. Then 18 plus 1 (centre of the crystal) = 19, which is the final code of the crystal. For the ones who met Baba D or red or listened his teachings, there is no doubt, he was a living crystal and he was definitely connected to its cosmic information. He was also deeply linked to the Flower of Life, which also encodes the number 19.

It can be concluded for this first part, that the Birth signs of Galactic Maya Baba show a relevant connection with the Votan’s date of 23rd March, the prophecy of number 9 and the Temple of Inscriptions (7 Muluk). Additionally, a deep lecture of his numbers (9×9=18 plus1=19) also points to the power of number 19, the code number of the sacred double terminated Quartz Crystal, the Flower of Life, the Quran verses, the Celtic Year, the Maya Code, amongst other ancient wisdoms. Then the reading of number 19 certainly points to the “19:19 Crystal Matrix”. *(See Reference 2)

2. The last Solar Cycle: “Seeding the New Earth”

Baba’s last 51st anniversary: 23rd March 2014

  • Long Count:
  • 13 Moon Calendar: Moon 9, day: 17
  • Dreamspell: Kin 144, Magnetic Seed (Seed 1), guided by same 144
  • Mayan Tzolkin: Kin 97, 6 Kab’an (Earth 6) guided by same 97

On his last Birthday and last Solar Cycle, 23rd March 2014, Baba D entered the completion of his own Dreamcastle, Moon 9, day:17 of the 13 Moon Calendar. Again, number 17 shows in the Long Count and in the 13 Moon Calendar at the moment of his Birth and at his last Solar Cycle, pointing to Solar Seal number 17 (Earth/Kab’an) which also links to his Classic Kin (6 Kab´an) for his last Solar Cycle. This is another triple sign but regarding number 17, coming from the Classic Long Count and the 13 Moon Calendar.

The two kins he entered on his last anniversary in both Tzolkin Counts interact beautifully for the meaning of “Seeding the New Earth”, on one side Kin 144 Magnetic Seed (Dreamspell Count), on the other side Kin 97 Rhythmic Earth (6 Kab’an, Classic Count). The mystical number 144 also shows a connection with the 144.000 sealed ones of the Western prophecy of the Book of Revelations. Consequently, it is possible to read like this; “A chosen one for the Seeding of the New Earth”. It also brings understanding on why the seed needs “to die” and to rip in order to grow and flower. Number 144 can also be red as “One for Four”, 4 as his Divine Family and 4 as the four directions of our planet Earth: “One for his Family, One for the Earth”.

As 6 Kab’an (Rhythmic Earth, Kin 97) on his Classic Solar Cycle, Baba synchs beautifully with Bolon Ik (Dreamspell Mother) who was properly born Kab’an in the Classic Count but a number 9 Kab’an (Solar Earth, Kin 217). Both galactic elders passed away with a difference of only 14 days between their deaths (14), causing a deep impact and reflection in the Galactic Maya Tribe. Bolon Ik passed the day after her 71st Birthday, just after entering her last Solar Cycle as Lunar Earth, which is precisely guided by Lunar Moon (Baba’s Dreamspell Birth Kin). On parallel, Baba’s sacred cremation happened on Solar Earth day (Bolon Ik’s Traditional Birth Kin, 9 Kab’an). Their Earth tones 6 and 9 can also be seen as 69 which is the infinite loop of the Alpha and Omega, it is also the number of steps at Temple of Inscriptions.

On the same way, it is significant to notice regarding 9 Kab’an (Solar Earth, kin 217), that it will be the day sign for the next 21st July 2014 in the Long Count Tzolkin. According to Galactic Wizard 34, based on the light of the “19:19 Crystal Matrix”, on the next 21st July 2014, the original cycle of 1330 years (cubes/stones) started by King Pakal will be closed, and another cycle of 1330 years will start with the first stone cube on the building of another virtual 9th level pyramid. King Pakal died on the year 683 AD, since then each cube stone represents a Solar Year on the virtual building of the Temple of Inscriptions (683 + 1330 = 2013). The completion of the pyramid, the 1330 cube stones required to build a perfect 9th level pyramid, occurred on perfect synch with Galactic Synchronization day. Also note that, if the centre cubes of the completed pyramid get removed in order to create the “tube tunnel” to Pakal’s tomb, the total number of cube stones is precisely 1320. *(See Reference 5) Acknowledged by Galactic Wizard, on the next 21st July, our planet will start a new process with the “New Earth Synchronization” and the placement of the first cube stone of the new virtual pyramid of the Earth. The key sign for that date is 9 Kab’an (Solar Earth), which is Bolon Ik’s kin in the Classic Count and Baba’s day of sacred cremation in the Dreamspell Count. Without a doubt, the signs regarding Solar Earth show prophecy for the New Earth, which will be fully explained in the final thoughts of this writing.

3. Omega – The Sacred Passing Process

As Magnetic Seed (Kin 144) on his last Dreamspell Solar Cycle, Baba D only lived or completed until the 3rd tone or month of his current wavespell of the Seed, which is kin 146 Electric Worldbridger, Activation Portal. During his last days he was actually living his own 3rd Moon of Service under Worldbridger 3: “I Activate in order to Equalise, bonding opportunity. I seal the store of Death with the electric tone of Service. I am guided by the Power of Love. I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!” That is exactly what all who loved him did! It is also an incredible sign of Death in Service for the Power of Love.

On the past 25th March 2014, just 2 days after Baba’s last birthday, on the same Kin 146 day, he posted this own lecture regarding Electric Worldbridger, like a living prophecy of his own passing away Moon: “Ox Cimi, Electric Worldbridger! Activating the wisdom of Death!! Activate Electric Purple White Death, the WorldBridger. Kin146: Ox Cimi Haab: Vaxac Kan. Activating of the bridge between the worlds, is the wake up of the unconsciousness synchronic with the spiritual spheres of reasons, a pure electric shock vibrates the flower in each one of us, the re-membering to share in high information. Well Being! The healing wind makes the bridge free, blowing new ideas in far-out-looking lanes, education flowers the mental area ready for clearness, good influence flowers the bridge, electro-magnetic harmony lifts the clear point or the Reason, speak! The bridge between the Universes, the evolution re-spect, experiments as Veltropa 23 covers the bridge to Be pure NRG!!!

Notice that death is seeing as the “bridge between worlds and universes… the wake up of the unconsciousness… the pure electric shock that vibrates de flower in each one of us, the remembering…”

Galactic Maya Baba Passing Events

Passed away on the 31st of May 2014 at 11:13 am (Queensland, Australia Time Zone)

  • Long Count Date:
  • 13 Moon Calendar: Moon: 12, day: 2
  • Dreamspell: Kin 213, Overtone Skywalker (Skywalker 5), purpose Moon, guided by Dragon 5
  • Mayan Tzolkin: Kin 166, 10 Kimi (Worldbridger 10), purpose Earth,  guided by Wizard 10

Without a doubt Baba chose the mystical wavespell of the Solar Seal number 9 (Moon) in the Dreamspell Count for his passing away process, including the conscious preparation, the let go, the passing away, the ascension, the memorial and dance memorial (all these events under the same wavespell of the 9th Seal, the Moon).

27th May – Kin 209 – Moon 1 – Attracting Purification

  • He entered the mystical wavespell of the 9th Seal (Moon, the path of purification in the universal waters), also guided by the power of the 9th Seal doubled: once again 2×9 or even Kin 209 (2 and 9) or Lunar Moon (Moon 2, his own Dreamspell Birth kin).
  • It also confirms a double connection between the Mayan counts as he was born Seal number 9 in both of them: Lunar Moon (Moon 2, Dreamspell) and 7 Muluk (Moon 7, Classic).
  • Then, his two birth Moon signs based on Seal number 9, add up to the passing away process under the wavespell of the 9th Seal; showing again Triple Moon signs, now on his passing process, the Triple Moon and Banner of Peace signs.

28th May – Kin 210 – Dog 2 – Activation Portal of Love

  • On the 2nd day of the wavespell of the Moon (Seal 9), he lives the Activation Portal of Love (Dog):“I polarise in order to Love, stabilising Loyalty. I seal the process of Heart with the lunar tone of Challenge. I am guided by the Power of Spirit. I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!”

29th May – Kin 211 – Monkey 3 – Activation Portal of Magic

  • On the 3rd day of the wavespell of the Moon (Seal 9), he lives the Activation Portal of Magic (Monkey): “I activate in order to Play bonding Illusion. I seal the process of Magic with the electric tone of Service. I am guided by the Power of Vision. I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!”

30th May – Kin 212 – Human 4 – Free Will of Letting Go

  • On the 4th day of the wavespell of the Moon (Seal 9), he gives form to his free will in order to let go: “I define in order to influence, measuring Wisdom. I seal the process of Free Will with the self-existing tone of Form. I am guided by the Power of Elegance”.

31st May – Sacred Passing & Ascension of Galactic Maya Baba

He passed away on the 5th day of the wavespell of the Moon (Seal 9):

  • Kin 213 Overtone Skywalker (Dreamspell): “I empower in order to Explore, commanding Wakefulness. I seal the output of Space with the overtone tone of Radiance. I am guided by the Power of Birth (Dragon)”. The Radiation of Wakefulness
  • Kin 166 Planetary Worldbridger (10 Kimi, Traditional): “I perfect in order to Equalize, producing opportunity. I seal the store of Death with the planetary tone of Manifestation. I am guided by the Power of Timelessness (Wizard)”. The Manifestation of Death.
  • Timelessness Rebirth: The interpretation of the clear signs coming from both counts show that he sealed the store of Death to explore the Space, guided by the power of Birth (Dragon) and the power of Timelessness (Wizard), assuring He is Alive and Timeless. It is definitely a sign of rebirth into his highest dimension and it shows he started his own Merkaba traveling to the Hunab Ku. Aho Rainbow Warrior!
  • Bali Signs: It is also significant to notice that Baba did most of his activation work in Bali, and he passed away on synch with the Balinese day of Kuningan, which is the last day of the celebration of the Galungan:“(The Galungan) marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth. The last day of the celebration is Kuningan, when they return”. *(See Reference 6) This sign confirms he was always an ancient spirit, who briefly visited Earth to return to the origin on the same day the ancestral spirits return in Bali, a proper Baba indeed.
  • Volcano Signs: On the same frame of time, the Volcano “Mountain of Spirits” erupted in Suna with powerful signs of smoke, ashes and dust. Some photos even show proper spaceships coming out of the smoke. *(See Reference 7)

1st May, 2nd May and 3rd May – The Rest of the Body

  • Galactic Maya Baba’s body rested for 3 days during Wizard 6, Eagle 7 and Warrior 8 of the wavespell of the Moon (Seal 9) before the sacred cremation of his body.
  • Notice the Messianic signs of 3 days “sleeping” before the “rebirth” signs into superior dimensions, also the numbers in perfect synch with the Gregorian dates 1, 2, 3 of May. Number 3 also seen as the 3D that passed away.

4th May – Kin 217 – Earth 9 (Solar Earth, 9 Kab’an) – The Sacred Cremation

  • Red Dust: On the 9th day of the wavespell of the Moon (Seal 9), Baba’s body returned to dust: Solar Earth day: “I pulse in order to Evolve, realising Synchronicity. I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Solar tone of Intention. I am guided by the Power of Space. It is crystal clear concerning “Evolving the Navigation of the Self”, also pointing again to Solar Earth (Earth 9) as a sign of “Realising Synchronicity”, which is the 9th Tone of the 9th wavespell.
  • Sacred Cremation: It started at 9 am and the process lasted 90 minutes, once again the signs of number 9 connecting with Lord of 9, King Pakal.
  • Bolon Ik: Solar Earth (9 Kab’an) is also the Classic Birth Kin of Bolon Ik, once again Baba connecting to Dreamspell Mother.
  • New Earth: Solar Earth (9 Kab’an) is also the Traditional Kin for the next 21st July 2014, the “New Earth Sinchronization”. It has been explained that, according to the “19:19 Crystal Matrix”, received by Galactic Wizard 34, the next 21st July is the beginning of a New Earth cycle of 1330 years. The last 1330 years cycle started with King Pakal’s death, every year passed has represented a cube stone added to the building of a perfect 9th level pyramid. The cycle ended in perfect synch with the last Galactic Sinchronization. On the next 21st July (Earth 9, Traditional) a new building of the virtual pyramid of the Earth starts with the cube number 1 of 1330 cubes or years. *(See Reference 5)

5th May – Kin 218 Mirror 10 – Manifesting Endlessness between Cremation & Memorial

  • Bridge Day: The 10th day of the wavespell of the Moon (Seal 9) is a bridge day between his Sacred Cremation & his Global Memorial.
  • Kin 218 Planetary Mirror: It is the 3rd and last Activation Portal of the wavespell of the Moon (Seal 9), it is guided by the power of Death and also the same kin of the day King Pakal’s tomb was opened in 1952, after being sealed for precisely 1260 years. Since then, the understanding of the Galactic Maya legacy started, the time and space travelers, the New Humankind. “I perfect in order to Reflect, producing Order. I seal the Matrix of Endlessness with the planetary tone of Manifestation. I am guided by the power of Death. I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!”

6th May – Kin 219, Storm 11 (Spectral Storm) – Memorial & Farewell

  • Memorial: On the 11th day of  the wavespell of the Moon (Seal 9), Baba’s ashes received his Memorial at home and also the Global Memorial through messages and presents from all over the world.
  • Spectral Storm Farewell: The 3D farewell to beloved Baba D falls on Kin 219, Spectral Storm: “I Dissolve in order to Catalyze, releasing Energy. I seal the Matrix of Self Generation with the spectral tone of Liberation. I am guided by my Own Power Doubled”.
  • Self Generation by the Power of 19 Doubled: The interpretation says his energy is “Released and Self Generated by the Power of 19 Doubled”. Another deep connection pointing to the “19:19 Crystal Matrix”. It is because Kin 219 refers to double 19 or its duplication: two nineteen or nineteen doubled or 19:19. Also Storm is Seal number 19 and the tone of Liberation is number 11 (Spectral). The “19:19 Crystal Matrix” has a main 19 sequence but also an inner matrix based on the sequence of 11 or 11:11. *(See Reference 2)

4. Alpha/Omega and the Rebirth of Votan Baba, the Galactic Maya Baba

It has been shown that the Alpha Birth signs of Galactic Maya Baba set relevant connections with the significant Votan’s date of 23rd March, the power of number 9, King Pakal as Lord of 9, and the Temple of Inscriptions (7 Muluk). On parallel, the signs of the Omega Death process also correlate to the power of 9 and Lord of 9 because the passing process of a double 9 seal occurs during the mystical wavespell of the 9 and, his sacred cremation (rebirth), occurs on the 9th day of the same wavespell of the 9. All clear signs of a Triple Moon archetype reincarnation and rebirth showing on both, Birth (Alpha) and Death process (Omega). Additionally, a deep lecture of his birth numbers (double seal number 9) pointed to number 19 (2×9=18 plus centre1=19), a number also complemented by his recurrent teachings based on the Flower of Life (19) and double terminated Crystal (19). According to Galactic Wizard 34, both of them carry the sacred code of 19, so there are evident signs going to the “19:19 Crystal Matrix”. All in all, the unveiling of the encrypted messages confirms the communication and connection between Votans (Kukulkan, Pakal, Valum, Ix). Therefore, in my personal opinion, it also confirms Galactic Maya Baba as a Votan himself! Then, Votan Baba or Votan Tanka is Baba D Tanka on his highest archetype dimension, the source of his own teachings and legacy, his own Alpha and Omega.

It is also deeply noticeable, the connection of Baba with number 17, which is the Solar Seal of Earth (Kab’an). The Long Count shows the number 17 for his Birth Date ( and for his last Solar Cycle ( He also turned into 6 Kab’an (Earth 6) on his last Solar Cycle in the Classic Count. On the other side, the 13 Moon Calendar obviously shows the same date for his Birth and last 51st Solar Cycle: Moon 9, day 17, which is even possible to be red as the 9th Tone of the 17th Seal, pointing to Solar Earth (Earth 9 or 9 Kab’an, Kin 217). Solar Earth is exactly the Dreamspell day of the Sacred Cremation of Baba’s body. The same 9 Kab’an (Solar Earth) was Bolon Ik in the Classic Count, the Mother of the Dreamspell. The same 9 Kab’an in the Classic Count will fall on the next 21st July 2014, the “New Earth Synchronization”, according to the light coming from the “19:19 Crystal Matrix”.

We can question now: What do all these encrypted messages left by Galactic Maya Baba mean? There is no doubt he lived intensely according with the Galactic Maya wisdom every minute of his awake life; under the service of activation as the “universal assistant” through music and arts, the “universal dance of creation”, traveling all over the world like a proper Baba, following Eclipses and Full Moons, spreading his own Dreamspell based oracle cards, crafting the most magical solar seal necklaces, or channeling “free” galactic education through his Sitaram Vision (website and own foundation). There will only be one Baba D Tanka, only one Votan Baba. What is his high archetype telling us then?

The first layer of the encrypted messages comes from the final possible lecture of the number 9 signs of Baba’s Birth and Death, confirming from the source the nature of his Higher Self:

“A Triple Moon Archetype reincarnates on the 12.17.999, on the 17th day of the 9th Moon, to be born a Double Seal number 9 in the Classic and Dreamspell times. He will carry the mission of the Triple Moon (Banner of Peace). He will be recognised by the infinite truth coming from the sign 69 that will be written in stone by Lord of 9 on the 69 steps of the Temple of Inscriptions. The lecture of the frequencies of intervals in the 69 stairway will confirm the nature of his Higher Self: 7 Muluk (Resonant Moon). The same sign will seal his nature in the Classic times and will seal the nature of Lord of 9 in the Dreasmpell times. The sign is the infinite loop of the Alpha and Omega”.

The second layer of the encrypted message comes from Baba’s last Solar Cycle as Seed 1 (Dreamspell) and as 6 Kab’an (Earth 6, Traditional), alongside his sacred cremation on Solar Earth day (Earth 9, Dreamspell), all of them showing the action of “Seeding the New Earth”. It is also necessary to remind that Solar Earth (9 Kab’an) is the Traditional Birth Kin of Bolon Ik and the same kin of the Sacred Cremation day of Baba. The two galactic elders that have passed away with only 14 days of difference in between are, undoubtedly, showing the message of the Solar Earth. Same as Pakal and Baba connected in infinite loop through 7 Muluk (Moon), reflecting each other in the Classic and Dreamspell times; we can see the interaction between Baba and Bolon Ik through Solar Earth (9 Kab’an). Also the last Solar Cycle of Baba was 6 Kab’an, which acting with 9 Kab’an of Bolon Ik, can also be seen as the dance of the Alpha and Omega. (69).

Under the light exposed regarding the signs from Galactic Maya Baba and Bolon Ik showing the way to Solar Earth (9 Kab’an) and its purpose of purification from the wavespell of the Moon, it can be understood that our planet entered a purification process through the universal waters during the flood. However, the new humans seemed to have failed the purpose at some point in time. Certainly, the failing comes from the times humans stopped walking in harmony with the natural cycles, when they forgot all about cosmic and ancient wisdom, when the “Great Manipulation of Truth”, stated by Galactic Wizard 34, set the different religions, hijacking Truth into institutions based on power, ego and money. At the same time, the feminine aspects of Divinity and humans were suppressed, causing a terrible unbalance on the sacred Earth Merkaba and sacred Human Merkaba. Then, it does make sense the Solar Earth sign is already manifesting a second wave of purification and healing of the planet, but instead water floods it is coming through solar flares. The Solar energy is essentially the base of all Mayan Medicine, but in excess can actually destroy and turn part of the planet into ashes… The Solar Healing process manifests the Second Creation of the New Earth and the New Humankind. It also involves the Resurrection of the Feminine aspects of the planet and humanity, a message certainly reassured by Bolon Ik, as Dreamspell Mother figure, and Baba D as the main global promoter of the Intuitive Dreamspell (intuitive = feminine).  It is also known that Solar Earth (9 Kab’an) sits at the base of the World Tree, the Divine Mother figure. Furthermore, the word “Merkaba” divided reads “Mer” – “Kaba”, so we can even see the ancient cosmology connection between “Kaba” and “Kab’an” (Kaban). *(See Reference 8)

Finally, the third layer of the encrypted messages connects the prophetic revelation of Solar Earth (9 Kab’an) with the ancient wisdom coming from the “19:19 Crystal Matrix”. New Earth times starting on the next 21st July 2014 (9 Kab’an) with the first cube stone of the new virtual pyramid construction of the planet, the new chance of humanity. A second confirmation of the “19:19 Crystal Matrix” comes from the deep reading of Baba’s numbers that showed a link with number 19, in addition to his evident connection with the double terminated quartz Crystal and the Flower of Life. Both of them encode the number 19, the same sacred number of the Maya Code (0/19) and the Celtic Year, amongst others. A third and final confirmation comes from the last day of his passing away process, the 11th day of the wavespell of the Moon (Seal 9), fixed day for his Global Memorial and the official Farewell of Baba’s 3D. The whole passing process ends on Kin 219, Spectral Storm. His energy is “Released and Self Generated” by the “Power of 19 Doubled”. Another deep connection with the “19:19 Crystal Matrix”, because Kin 219 refers to double 19 or its duplication: 19:19 (twice nineteen). Also Storm is Solar Seal number 19 and the tone of Liberation is 11. The “19:19 Crystal Matrix” has a main 19 sequence but also an inner matrix based on the sacred sequence of 11 or 11:11. *(See Reference 2). Both sequences 19:19 and 11:11 meet in Coordinate number 241 and since then they walk together to the apex of the pyramid, manifesting a perfect Merkaba or Heaven on Earth. Coordinate number 241 of the 19:19 falls every year on the 23rd of March, same birth date of Baba and Pakal. Also 7 Muluk encrypted in stone at Temple of Inscriptions and it is precisely guided by number 241.

Galactic Maya Baba believed like a Rainbow Child. Above all, he manifested Heart beyond mind. He belonged to the old school of the Dreamspell and the elder founders: Valum Votan and Bolon Ik. But he was always a free “Great Spirit” (the meaning of “Tanka” in Sioux language) and certainly he also followed his own intuition and oracles, his own techniques and tools to connect to his higher self in superior dimensions. Same than others, he absorbed the Dreamspell source of inspiration but he would not stay in the 4 Dimension of the mind, for example synchronotron or mapping time or doing calculations about Sirius. He played his time carrying the Banner of Peace all over the world, a global ambassador of the Galactic Maya and the intuitive Dreamspell, inspiring all to ascend the self and sit at the centre of their own pyramid. He channelled liberation from the mind illusion controlling time on the basic dimensions, to listen the own intuition coming from the pure crystal heart of Mother Earth and ascend the dimensions to connect to the source of origin: the Hunab Ku. Just exactly the same way Valum Votan and Bolon Ik played when they started all, when they created their own Higher Self Realm for their Archetypes: the Dreamspell.

Without a doubt, Galactic Maya Baba walked the sacred walk of the dreamers and believers, an inspirational path to wake up the cosmic and ancient memory of humanity. He lived Love as “The Greatest Truth”, the way to reestablish the sacred MerKaba of Heaven on Earth; the mystical dimension where we all gather with our ancestors to manifest the Rainbow Earth for our Rainbow Children, the future of humanity… So above, so below.

Aho! ❤ In Lak´ech


  • Galactic Dragon (8 Imix, Kin 21)
  • Current Solar Cycle: Cosmic Dragon (13 Imix, Kin 221)
  • Received on Kin 219 (Spectral Storm, Power of 19:19) and 220 (Crystal Sun, Power of the 12 Pointed Star)
  • Edited and Published on Kin 221 (Cosmic Dragon), June 8, 2014 AD
  • Shared to the Community: Magnetic Wind (Kin 222)
  • All Dreamspell dates

(*) References

(1) Legacy of the Galactic Mayan Baba

(2) Galactic Wizard 34, Introduction to the “19:19 Crystal Matrix”

(3) Aaron Woolrich, “Clear Signs in the Realm of Baakal: Ritual History at Palenque and Tortuguero”, Academia.edu

(4) Galactic Wizard 34, “Deciphering the Riddle of the Votan”

(5) Galactic Wizard 34, “The Prophecy of the Pyramid and The Cube”

(6) Balinese day of Kuningan (last day of the celebration of the Galungan).

(7) Images of Volcano eruption in Suna

(8) Summary of prophetic events pointing to next 21st July 2014 and link to global event “New Earth Synchronization 11:11:11 Cube Meditation”

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