Seeding the New Earth: Clear Prophecy Signs from the Birth and Passing of Galactic Maya Baba

Seeding the New Earth: Clear Prophecy Signs from the Birth and Passing of Galactic Maya Baba

A symbolic part of the Galactic Maya Tribe is missing and grieving the “universal assistant”, Baba D Tanka, who recently passed away on the past 31st May 2014 AD. The global family misses the Rainbow Child, the intuitive (feminine) readings of the Dreamspell; but especially the inspirational activation towards allowing the self to ascend their own archetypes, the connection with the source of being in the highest dimensions of the sacred hologram: the Hunab Ku. If on 3D life, Baba D was a proper legend, on his Ascension he has certainly entered the domain of the myth, showing multiple magical signs and synchronicities, reawakening and reconnecting the tribe to the source of Love, flowering not only in the hearts of the ones who met him but also in the hearts of the ones who heard about him. By now, no one doubts he is the Galactic Maya Baba, and through his passing, there are clear messages that have been revealed.

The sacred Merkaba activation for the healing and New Creation of Earth is manifesting. Baba’s signs are showing that the Rainbow Warriors that have passed are not sleeping but have born into superior dimensions, actually channeling the transcendent mission from Heaven. The ones who still have the 3D shape on Earth are recalled to live intensely the Here and Now, serving as channels for the Divine Purpose to bring Heaven to Earth, dreamers and believers to witness the power and miracles of the New Humankind. The human cellular memory is remembering the universal wisdom beyond nations, cultures, skin colour or religions; remembering the prophecies of humanity’s ancestors, the wisdom from the ancient pagan tribes, from the times humans just walked in harmony with the natural cycles, from the times we honoured Earth…

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